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Top 10 Sneaker 2022

The year is almost over. And as it is, most people reminisce at the end of the year. And we do, too. Of course we review releases and consider our top 3 sneakers. But we also want to know what's been going on with you throughout the year.

That's why today we're looking at the top 10 sneakers of 2022 on StockX. You know we do that more often. We have already shown you some top 10, for example: the top 10 Jordan 1 Low , Nike SB Dunks , Sneaker of all Brands, Supreme , Top 10 Box Supreme Box Logos , the Top 10 Sneakers under Retail , the Top 10 Yeezy Gap Hoodies and the most popular Travis Scott items on Stockx. But today we're going to look at a different filter setting. Namely the “Total Sold” setting. Because at the end of the year, we are more interested in the last 12 months than in the last 72 hours.

Of course, the Top 10 Sneaker 2022 is almost exclusively made up of old acquaintances. Few will be surprised, the Panda Dunk, the Air Force 1 Low and Yeezy Slides are of course still in the top 10. The panda also made three top 10 appearances throughout the year, which we've summarized. Here and there we are again surprised by the results, but this is certainly due to the differences in demand in different countries. Check out all ten sneakers here in the article. Here you come to the current top 10 from 2022:

As a reminder before we get started, Total Sold on StockX lists the top selling items over the last 12 months. Super interesting. Because tastes differ a lot. We were surprised by a few models, but not by all of them. But we won't keep you in suspense for too long. Here are the most popular top 10 sneakers of the last 12 months, the pictures are linked:

Nike Dunk Low Retro White Black Panda

Top 10 sneakers of 2022

We're at a loss for words about the panda. All three pairs (Men, Women, GS) were sold a total of 389,902 times this year. What the fuck!? These are numbers that we cannot even realize. And that “only” on StockX. In the last 72 hours, the shoe was sold a whopping 4,539 times. Wow. Will the panda hold up in 2023? We are curious. Some believe that the adidas Samba will replace the panda.

Nike Air Force 1 Low White

Top 10 sneakers of 2022

The icon of all sneakers should not be missing in second place. Even if the Silhouette has occupied “worse” places in the last 72 hours, it can secure second place throughout the year. The sneaker was sold a total of 138,263 times. And we are certain that this will not change next year.

adidas Yeezy Slide Onyx

With or without the Kanye West scandal, the Yeezys are staying in the top 10 in 2022. Above all, of course, the slides, because they are usually very cheap in the resell. The first slide in the top 10 is the Onyx, with 115,815 sales over the last 12 months. By the way, Onyx sold it 395 times in the last 72 hours.

adidas Yeezy Slide Pure (Restock Pair)

Top 10 sneakers of 2022

Fourth place goes directly to the Yeezy Slide Pure, the restock pair from 2021, to be precise. The slide was sold 80,247 times. We're excited to see if the numbers continue to be high for Yeezy next year. Because really new things are no longer coming from the official Yeezy side.

Jordan 1 Retro High OG Patent Bred (2021)

The first Jordan, namely the Patent Red Bread from 2021, takes 5th place. The shoe with patent upper was sold 71,438 times.

adidas Yeezy Slide Bone (2022 Restock)

Top 10 sneakers of 2022

The Yeezy Slide Bone took fifth place, with a total of 69,621 sales. Incidentally, it was sold 513 times in the last 72 hours and would certainly continue to appear in the 72 hour top 10. The Bone Yeezy Slide is one of our top colorways and we actually expected it to be higher up the list.

adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Onyx

The Yeezy Foam Runner Onyx took 7th place with 64,076 sales. The shoe was sold 222 times in the last 24 hours.

Jordan 11 Retro Cool Gray (2021)

Top 10 sneakers of 2022

Another Jordan made it to 8th place, namely the Jordan 11 Cool Gray. It was sold 57,442 times. This is certainly due to the demand in other countries, because the shoe surprised us in the top 10. We don't see the silhouette that often on the streets and would have expected a different Jordan.

Jordan 4 Retro Red Thunder

The Jordan 4 Red Thunder takes 9th place. The Jordan 4 was certainly very popular, also in Germany, but we would have expected a different colourway there. Well, the buyers decide and that's cool for us. The colourway was sold a total of 47,287 times.

adidas Yeezy Slide Ocher

Top 10 sneakers of 2022

The top 10 from 2022 concludes with the Yeezy Slide Ocher in 10th place. In total, the slide was sold 46,998 times. We're sticking with it: we're excited to see what next year will look like.

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Top 10 sneakers of 2022

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