ZX 8000 Hazy Beige – on feet looks

After fewer ZX 8000s landed with me in the last few weeks ( but significantly more ZX 10000 ), the ZX 8000 Hazy Beige crept in at my place last week. An absolutely awesome fall colourway, which we would like to briefly introduce to you in this post!

We shot the ZX 8000 Hazy Beige shortly before my flight in Cologne and went to a schoolyard that is very close to me. Although I've been in Cologne for a while, it's always fun to discover new spots and of course to use them. I think there is still so much potential for good pictures in Cologne, although many claim that the cathedral city has already been shot in ruins.


Anyway, back to the shoe! The Hazy Beige Colouway caught my eye when it was released and intuitively I think it was made my personal autumn shoe of the year. The color is just “beautiful” if you know what I mean and fits perfectly with my current wardrobe and the upcoming fall. In addition, there is a butter-soft leather that, apart from a few overlays, stretches across the entire shoe. An absolutely successful shoe, which by the way is also available in “Yellow Tint” and is at least as good. You have to like the color!

The good piece is priced at just under 120 euros and is available in sizes from EU 36-49. A really good price considering the materials used in the ZX 8000. It is therefore not difficult for me to make a recommendation here. The Hazy Beige is a good buy, that's for sure!

As always, you can find all shop links for the ZX 8000 Hazy Beige here in this post. Otherwise just click here , then you are directly on the product!

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ZX 8000 Hazy Beige
ZX 8000 Hazy Beige
ZX 8000 Hazy Beige
ZX 8000 Hazy Beige
ZX 8000 Hazy Beige
ZX 8000 Hazy Beige

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