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Have you always wanted to know what exactly True To Size means? No problem, in our exclusive sneaker lexicon we explain almost all terms of the scene. And if you can't find a term, write us a message and we'll help you right away! 

What does True To Size or TTS mean? In this article from our sneaker lexicon, you'll get the explanation and meaning!

The phrase True to Size, or TTS for short, indicates how the respective model turns out. If a sneaker is true to size, you can buy it in your usual size. However, if it is recommended to vary here, you will often read "half or full size up or down". In this case, you should order the next smaller or larger size.

Pro tip: look around in forums and perhaps ask people who already own the same or similar shoe. It is often better to ask a few more people before you end up ordering the wrong size and the shoe may no longer be available. This would be particularly annoying with limited edition sneakers, for example, as you often can't get hold of them. Asphaltgold will tell you whether you want to buy a shoe larger or smaller. You can also check the reviews at to see how the shoe fits.

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