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  • Der berühmte Nike Swoosh

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Have you always wanted to know what exactly swoosh means or what it actually is? No problem, in our exclusive sneaker lexicon we explain almost all the terms in the scene. And if you can't find a term, write us a message and we'll help you right away! 

The Swoosh is the logo of Nike. The logo is said to be an abstraction of the wing of the Greek goddess of victory, who is also the inspiration for the name of the Portland-based brand.

The designer of the swoosh is Carolyn Davidson. She was  commissioned to design the figurative mark in 1971 while she was studying graphic design at Portland University. She was paid $35 for her services at the time and continued to work for Nike in the years that followed.

In 2021, the brand is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Swoosh with its own collection for the Swoosh called "My First Use". You can find the models in our calendar for current sneaker releases.

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