VEJA V-15 Chromefree Leather

02/17/23 - 12:00 AM

VEJA V-15 Chromefree Leather



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Extra White / Nautico / Sahara

With the VEJA V-15 Chromefree Leather, a really sustainable sneaker has come onto the market. All important information about the release can be found in this overview.

What does the sustainability of sneakers actually mean? It's not just about the materials used. It's about looking at how and with what is processed. Often shoes are simply glued together too much and can no longer be processed. One brand that is committed to sustainability is VEJA. VEJA is now the market leader in this area because they sell sustainable, fairly produced and vegan sneakers.

The latest version of the VEJA V-15 comes with a white base. These are joined by beige suede overlays. The sneaker was supplemented with a blue V on the side. The sneaker is completed with a beige sole that matches the color of the overlays. A beige tone was also chosen, but it is a bit lighter than that on the overlays.

When can you buy the VEJA V-15?

You may have read that above, the VEJA V-15 Chromefree Leather has already gone online in several shops. You can just choose one and buy the VEJA V-15 there. It's best not to leave yourselves for too long, because we don't know when the sneaker will be sold-out either. Have you heard about our free Dead Stock mobile app?

There are great features that will help you get limited sneakers for retail in the future. You can use the bell to set a release reminder. You will be reminded of the upcoming drop in good time and can then easily make a purchase. To do this, you click on the bell and only have to select a time when our app will remind you of a push message on your mobile phone.

In which shops can I buy the VEJA V-15 Chromefree Leather?

You've come to the right place with this overview. All shops and stores where you can buy the VEJA V-15 Chromefree Leather for a retail price of 175.00 euros are listed here. You choose a shop, click on it and then you can buy the VEJA V-15 directly. We wish you a lot of fun wearing it and good luck with your purchase!

So far there are already two shops where you can buy the VEJA sneaker with item number VQ0503116B. Once the retailer Asphaltgold and the online store HHV, both have already put the sneaker online. So if you really want to buy this sneaker, just click through our release overview.

Otherwise, feel free to check our other social media channels so that you don't miss any information from the sneaker world. You should also check out our just mentioned free Dead Stock App if you haven't already considered it.

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  • VEJA V-15 Chromefree Leather
  • VEJA V-15 Chromefree Leather
  • VEJA V-15 Chromefree Leather
  • VEJA V-15 Chromefree Leather

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