Reebok Beatnik Hunter Green

09/01/21 - 12:00 AM

Reebok Beatnik Hunter Green



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With the Reebok Beatnik Hunter Green, another colorway will appear on the Reebok sandal in a few days. You can get all release information from us in this post.

The Reebok Beatnik will appear in two different colourways. The line offers two color variants - "Hunter Green" and "Chalk".

Both variants have a warm, cozy and quilted upper, which is perfect for autumn. In addition to the black strap, which allows the fit to be adjusted, there is also a small orange tag.

When can you buy the Reebok Beatnik Hunter Green?

The official drop of the Reebok Beatnik will take place later this month. The exact release date will be on September 01, 2021 at midnight from 0:01 a.m. So that you don't miss the release under any circumstances, we now have a helpful tip for you:

With our free Dead Stock App you get all sneaker news, shock drops and restocks directly on your smartphone! So you won't miss any more important drops. You can also set each release as a favorite and thus have everything at a glance.

Where can you buy the Reebok Beatnik Hunter Green?

If you want to buy one of the Reebok Beatnik, you should definitely hurry up. Especially in times of the home office, slides in the most diverse variants are more in demand than ever.

So far, only the sneaker store AFEW from Düsseldorf is one of the confirmed shops for this release. But we also assume that other retailers, such as Overkill , will get the Reebok. As soon as we have found more shops, we will put them in the release overview for you.

So if you really want to buy the Reebok Beatnik with item number GW8324 , just click through my release overview and choose the shop of your choice on the release day. Good luck with the release!

Otherwise, feel free to check our other social media channels so that you don't miss any information from the sneaker world. You should also check out our aforementioned free Dead Stock app if you haven't already considered it.

  • Reebok Beatnik Hunter Green
  • Reebok Beatnik Hunter Green
  • Reebok Beatnik Hunter Green
  • Reebok Beatnik Hunter Green
  • Reebok Beatnik Hunter Green
  • Reebok Beatnik Hunter Green

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