Puma Slipstream Ball Pack

06/01/23 - 12:00 AM

Puma Slipstream Ball Pack



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Recently the Puma Slipstream BBall Pack went online. Or a colourway from the series, the Puma Slipstream BBall Pack Green. We have all the information about the new Puma Pack for you. The Slipstreams cost 119.99 euros. You can find the item numbers here:

  • Blue, 393266-02 (White/Blue/Yellow)
  • White, 393266-03 (White/Blue/Red)
  • Green, 393266-01 (White/Green)

The Puma Slipstream, an iconic sneaker from the 1980s, recently made its comeback on the market. With its eye-catching design and innovative technology, it was originally developed for basketball players. The shoe combined style and performance with its high-top cut, wild color scheme and distinctive Puma Formstripes. The upper made of high-quality leather, a padded insole and a thick rubber sole ensure support, cushioning and traction. After a few years of absence, the Slipstream has been re-launched in a new version with modern materials and technologies while retaining the iconic design of the original.

The comeback of the Slipstream delights sneaker and nostalgic alike as it embodies the vintage style of the 80's while offering the comfort and quality of a modern sneaker. With its vibrant colors and unique design, the Slipstream is a statement piece for sneaker enthusiasts. Since its return, it has enjoyed great popularity among collectors and everyday sneaker wearers who appreciate the charm of bygone days but don't want to forego modern comfort and style.

When can you buy the new Puma Sneaker Pack?

Part of the Puma Slipstream BBall Pack has already been released (Colourway Green), the other two colors are still a long way off. According to other media, the pack should be released in full tomorrow, June 1st at 00:00. If you're celebrating the pack and don't want to miss any more drops, download our free Dead Stock app. So you always have the shoe in view. We will then send you push notifications about the release if you favor the sneaker beforehand.

Where to buy the Puma Slipstream BBall Pack?

The Puma Slipstream Green has already dropped at BSTN. Following on June 1st: Snipes and Kickz. According to reports, Puma will follow tomorrow with all colourways. We'll update the list when more shops get the sneaker. If you are more interested in other Puma models, you will find them here.

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