Puma-180 Cool Grey

04/01/23 - 12:00 AM

Puma-180 Cool Grey



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Cool Grey / Green / Blue

With the Puma -180 Cool Grey, the second colorway on the -180 silhouette from Puma will be released in a few days. As you are used to from us, we are bringing together all the important information about this release here.

Especially skate fans will be very happy with the new Puma -180. The shoe has a relatively wide cut, plus its thick laces create a skateboard vibe that is so typically known from classic skateboard models from DC. But even so, the shoe gives us a real old school vibe, which is also very popular at the moment.

In terms of design, the new Cool Grey Colorway is kept rather simple. A white mesh construction forms the basis of the Puma -180. This mesh construction features greyish overlays and a white Swoosh. The midfoot overlay, which has a green border, sets color accents. The midsole is then designed in a cream tone and goes perfectly with the light blue tread.

When can you buy the new Puma sneaker for retail?

Like its counterpart the Puma -180 Warm White, the release will take place on April 1st, 2023. As you might expect, the Cool Grey will appear at 00:00 in the stores listed here. Mark this day in your calendar so you don't miss the drop. Otherwise, our free Dead Stock app for mobile phones offers you an equally good option.

The app has a function that lets you be notified before one of your favorite shoes drops. All you have to do is click on the bell and you can choose a time when you want to be reminded. From now on, our app will send you a push message to your cell phone as soon as the time you have selected is reached.

In which shops is the Puma -180 Cool Grey available?

It is enough for you to remember this overview if you want to get the Puma -180 Cool Grey for a retail price of approx. 110.00 euros. Here you will find all shops and stores linked, so that on the day of the release of the Cool Grey you only have to choose one that you want to hit. Of course, a certain speed is also required to get the Puma -180 with item number 390742-02.

So far, the German retailer Overkill is the only shop that has confirmed the release of the Puma -180 Cool Grey. Certainly other shops will decide to offer the Puma - 180 in their stores. In our release overview you will always find all shops where you can strike on the release day. We wish you every success with the release and lots of fun wearing it.

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  • Puma -180 Cool Grey
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  • Puma -180 Cool Grey
  • Puma-180 Cool Grey
  • Puma -180 Cool Grey
  • Puma-180 Cool Grey

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