PAM Puma Puffy Sandal

11/05/22 - 12:00 AM

PAM Puma Puffy Sandal



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As the weather slowly but surely gets colder, Puma releases the PAM Puma Puffy Sandal, perfect for this. The most important information about the release of the Puma sandal is given in this article.

The PUMA x P.A.M. Collection features simple yet adventurous silhouettes with bold graphics and psychedelic, offbeat patterns. The textures and colorful styles are inspired by the velvety South American plant Yarreta.

The colorful design of the quilted nylon upper is lined with warm fleece. The collaborative branding on the insole and heel accentuates the design. The sandal has a black rubber sole, which together with the gray fleece lining ensures the best wearing comfort.

When can I purchase the Puma sneaker?

You may have noticed that the Puffy Sandal from Puma and PAM will be released later this week. On November 5, 2022 at 00:00 you can buy the Puffy Sandal. Until then, we have a tip for you.

Each of you should by now have the free Dead Stock app installed on your smartphone. There you can favorite your favorite releases via the flame and thus have an overview of all these releases. If you would like to be notified before the drop, all you have to do is tap the bell.

Where can I buy the PAM Puma Puffy Sandal?

In this overview we provide you with all the shops and online stores where you can buy the PAM x Puma Sandal. Therefore, it is best to stay here in the overview before the release so that you can simply click on the shops at the time of release and then strike.

So far, the puffy sandal is only listed at Overkill. You can then buy them there from 00:00. If other shops or retailers should list the sandal, you will of course find them in our release overview. The price of the puffy sandal with item number 387035-01 is only around 90 euros, which is a really good price.

It's also worth taking a look at our other social media channels. You can get all further information about Puma sneakers there. Be sure to check out our aforementioned free Dead Stock app if you haven't already thought about it.

  • PAM Puma Puffy Sandal
  • PAM Puma Puffy Sandal
  • PAM Puma Puffy Sandal
  • PAM Puma Puffy Sandal
  • PAM Puma Puffy Sandal

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