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The Spanish brand Palomo and Puma have teamed up for a joint collection. There will be a Palomo Puma Slipstream Mint Green and a Palomo Puma Slipstream Mule Pink. This post is about the pink mule. All information about the collection can be found here in the article.

Is it because of Skepta's new position at Puma? Skepta is now Global Ambassador at Puma. Not only that, he and his company, Big Smoke Corporation, are set to help Puma bring a new vision to the men's division. Two new sneakers will soon be coming together with Jeff Staple. You can find the sneakers here and here. Now Puma has announced a collaboration with the Spanish brand Palomo. This includes the Palomo Puma Slipstream Mule Pink. Palomo briefly describes itself as a luxury genderless fashion brand.

The joint collection builds on Puma 's sporting heritage. To be precise, it's about football. The mission behind the collection: to break down prejudices about men who show their enthusiasm for sport and life. The collection gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves in the world of sport as they feel, without embarrassment. The gender-neutral apparel and sneakers pick up on styles and colors that were usually only attributed to certain genders. They are based on the best styles in sports history and reflect the versatility of today. The collaboration is inspired by the signature designs of the 70s, when Puma's football range was dominant. There are first pictures of the Palomo Puma Slipstream Mule Pink. A pink mule inspired by the Slipstrem sneaker. Check out the pictures below.

When can I buy the new Puma Mule?

When exactly the Palomo Puma Slipstream Mule will come, we can't officially tell you yet. Apparently already this week, but Puma hasn't officially confirmed anything yet. So we have to be patient a little longer. As soon as we have concrete information, we will immediately update the shop overview. If you really want the Mule, check out our free Dead Stock app for your smartphone, with the app you definitely won't miss the release. Simply favorite the mule in the app and it will appear in your personal overview. You can use the bell icon to set a reminder.

Where can I buy the Palomo Puma Slipstream Mule Pink?

Since there is no official release date yet, there is of course no shop that has listed the Puma Slipstream Mule. Of course you can buy the shoe directly from Puma, but we will enter all the final information here in time. The shoe with item number 390243-01 costs around 120.00 euros.

If you want more news about the best releases, please visit our social media platforms. If you don't have our free Dead Stock app for mobile phones on your phone yet, then you should do so as soon as possible. Enjoy wearing the Palomo Puma Slipstream Mule Pink.

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