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10/06/20 - 9:00 AM

NikeLab Hoodie



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As you've hopefully already noticed, the new NikeLab collection has been released this morning and so has the new NikeLab hoodie. You can find out all the information, which colors are available and where you can get the hoodies here.

Thanks to a special wash, the NikeLab hoodie ensures a registered look and a great feel with first-class daytime comfort. The hoodie impresses with its casual fit as soon as you put it on, making it ideal for your wardrobe. Warm fleece material and a comfortable hood provide protection in cooler temperatures.

The slightly dropped shoulder seams ensure a slightly oversized look and a good feel, and combined with the kangaroo pocket, this provides additional warmth and is suitable for storing small items such as your smartphone or wallet.

When can you buy the NikeLab Hoodie?

The official release date of the NikeLab Hoodie, like the other NikeLab products, is October 06, 2020 at 09:00. There's no need to get up early this time, as it will be produced in large enough quantities.

Where can I buy the NikeLab hoodie?

If the hoodies have also won you over and you're planning to add them to your closet, then you shouldn't wait too long to make your purchase decision. These things are simply very popular. So keep at it!

Among the stores confirmed for this release so far are Asphaltgold, Solebox, SNS and of course the Nike online store.

So if you're really interested in one of the NikeLab products, just click through my release overview and pick the store of your choice on the release day. Of course, we will try to add more stores to this overview before the release.


  • NikeLab Hoodie
  • NikeLab Hoodie
  • NikeLab Hoodie

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