Nike SNKRS Day 2021

08/08/21 - 12:00 AM

Nike SNKRS Day 2021


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Nike SNKRS Day 2021 will be taking place soon. You can find out all the important information about the releases, the different models and when they will be released in this article.

The Nike SNKRS app releases the hottest and rarest Nike shoes. Since the app has been on the market, the SNKRS app not only provides you with the Nike launch calendar, but also short stories about designs of well-known models, artists and some sneaker knowledge. There is also exclusive access for some active members, as well as some live events.

In order to celebrate the app properly, Nike SNKRS Day is celebrated every year on August 8th. But what happens on this day?

What can you get on Nike SNKRS Day 2021?

On Nike SNKRS App Day, you get the opportunity to purchase past releases again. These usually include extremely hyped collaborations, for which you have to solve tricky Easter eggs to take part in a raffle.

But don't worry, we'll keep you up to date on Nike SNKRS day and tell you how you can get the restocks. So keep an eye out for our push notifications from the free dead stock app on this day.

You can be sure that popular models will be restocked again this year, new models will be released as shock drops and you will get exclusive access to sneakers that are already out of stock.

In addition, matching SNKRS Day shoes will always be released. There is currently no exact information available, but it is known that a Huarache and a Jordan 1 Low will drop.

How can I take part in Nike SNKRS Day?

To take part in Nike SNKRS Day 2021, you need to download the Nike SNKRS app. This will take you directly to the page.

Then keep an eye on our push notifications during SNKRS Day, because there will probably be certain tasks and Easter eggs at different times that you have to solve as quickly as possible to get the sneakers.

More information about this year's SNKRS Day will follow here shortly.

Other than that, check out our other social media channels to make sure you don't miss any information from the sneaker world.

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  • Nike SNKRS Day 2021
  • Nike SNKRS Day 2021

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