Nike P-6000 Beige

08/08/23 - 9:00 AM

Nike P-6000 Beige



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White / Beige / Black

With the Nike P-6000 Beige, we can look forward to another P-6000 that will be coming to our shops in the next few days. Therefore, in this article you will find all relevant information about the sneaker with the article number and the colourway. The retail price for the Nike sneaker is 119.99 euros.

Nike likes to combine two silhouettes or to completely revise a classic silhouette. The P-6000 silhouette is a fusion of classic Pegasus sneakers and modern lifestyle of the 00s. A similar look has made New Balance big and has significantly influenced the popularity of the brand. Nike, on the other hand, had almost thrown the P-6000 silhouette out of their catalog again and only brought it back a few months ago. Since then, exciting colorways have been awaiting us again and again, such as the new beige.

The basis of the sneaker is the white mesh construction, which is provided with flexible overlays. A light and a darker beige dresses these overlays. In addition, the shoe is equipped with a few black elements, such as the middle swoosh, logo on the tongue and the P-6000 lettering on the outer wall. The midsole then falls back on the white and the tread on the just mentioned black.

When can you buy the Nike P-6000 Beige?

An official release date for the Nike P-6000 Beige is still pending. However, it can be assumed that the P-6000 Beige will go online in various shops in the next few days. First rumors say that the Nike P-6000 will go online as early as August 3rd. As soon as we have concrete information, we will update this post and the shoe will end up in our Upcoming. So that you don't lose sight of the Nike P-6000, use the very useful functions from our free Dead Stock app for your mobile phone

You can set the release of your favorite models, such as the Nike P-6000 Beige, as a favorite. If you then also activate the notifications for the app, we will remind you via push notification shortly before the release. And you will be informed immediately if the sneakers appear as a surprise drop.

Where can you buy the Nike sneaker for retail?

If you want to secure the P-6000 Beige for retail, then you should best use this overview. Here we link you to all shops and stores where you will get the shoe. In the end, all you have to do is choose your favorite shop.

Although no shop has confirmed the drop of the Nike P-6000 yet, it should definitely drop at Nike. Retailers like Snipes will certainly also confirm the drop. You will find all online stores linked in our release overview.

Otherwise, feel free to visit our social media channels so that you don't miss any information from the sneaker world. Enjoy wearing the Nike P-6000 Beige.

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  • Nike P-6000 Beige Paar
  • Nike P-6000 Beige von Oben
  • Nike P-6000 Beige von Hinten
  • Nike P-6000 Beige Detail Zunge
  • Nike P-6000 Beige Detail Ferse

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