Nike Off-Line Vast Grey

08/28/20 - 9:00 AM

Nike Off-Line Vast Grey



Product Code

CJ0693 001


Vast Grey / White / Iron Grey / Summit White

Slides are coming to us this year in all kinds of variations. With the Nike Off-Line Vast Grey, a new generation of slides is coming to our stores. In addition to the Vast Grey colorway, there will also be the Black Menta.

When it comes to shoes, eye-catching performance silhouettes often get the most attention. But simple comfort also deserves to be noticed. The Off-Line delivers unparalleled comfort with a beaded insole that massages your feet with every step and a cushioned upper with a soft, booty-like construction. Give your feet time to breathe with this open and airy shoe option.

When can I buy the Nike Off-Line Vast Grey?

The official release date of the Nike Slides is August 28, 2020. The release will take place at 09:00 in the online stores listed here! Check our app for updates!

Where can I buy the Nike Off-Line Vast Grey?

If you're really planning to buy the slides, you certainly don't have to try very hard. Although the shoe will be very popular, we assume that there will be a large number of them. There will be the odd raffle, and certainly some stores that release online.

Stores confirmed so far include 43einhalb and the Nike Online Shop, as well as a few other stores that will all be selling the Nike Off-Line online.

So if you really want to buy the model, just click through my release overview and pick the store of your choice on release day. Of course, a few more stores will be added over the next few days, where you can also buy the slides.


We wish you every success with the release! The price of the good piece is around 120 euros.

  • Nike Off-Line Vast Grey
  • Nike Off-Line Vast Grey
  • Nike Off-Line Vast Grey
  • Nike Off-Line Vast Grey
  • Nike Off-Line Vast Grey
  • Nike Off-Line Vast Grey

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