Nike Go FlyEase White

03/19/21 - 9:00 AM

Nike Go FlyEase White



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Anyone who has ever seen the Nike Go FlyEase White in action will never forget it. This is the first shoe from Nike that you can put on and take off completely without the help of your hands. This is what the world has been waiting for! All information about the latest innovation from Nike you get in this article.

Good innovations are the answer to the question: Why complicate things when you can make them simple? The Nike Go FlyEase works because the tensioner strap and flexible yet stable heel element keep the shoe in the step-in position. Simply slip into the "Diving Board" and then "lock" the shoe into position. To undress, stand on the "kickstand" on the heel. As simple as that!

Indoors or outdoors, morning or night, the colorways of the Nike Go FlyEase capture the soft pastel tones of sunrise and the bright colors of the evening city, making them suitable for every look and time of day.

When can you buy the Nike Go FlyEase White?

The official release date of the Go FlyEase is later this month. To be more precise, the sneaker will be available in the shops listed here from February 15, 2021. As usual from Nike, the release will take place punctually at 09:00.

Update: The February 15 release is not intended for the European market. This will take place on March 19th.

Where can you buy the Nike Go FlyEase White?

If you plan to buy the shoe that you can easily slip into, you should definitely have this overview ready shortly before the release. We list all stores and stores where you can buy the mentioned sneaker. We assume that the FlyEase will be very popular and therefore certainly enough quantities will be available.

Small tip: If you don't want to miss this or any other release, just set it as a favorite in our app as a favorite and set your own notification via the bell. So you will certainly no longer miss a sneaker!

For this release only the in-house Nike Onlineshop as a confirmed store. As soon as we find more stores selling the sneaker, we will add them to our Release Overview list.

The FlyEase with item number CW5883-100 will be available at a retail price of only around 111.00 euros.

We wish you of course a lot of success with this release and have fun wearing the ''Hands-Free'' sneaker!

  • Nike Go FlyEase White CW5883-100
  • Nike Go FlyEase White CW5883-100
  • Nike Go FlyEase White CW5883-100
  • Nike Go FlyEase White
  • Nike Go FlyEase White CW5883-100
  • Nike Go FlyEase White CW5883-100

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