Dunk Low Ultraman Titelbild auf weißem Hintergrund

05/03/24 - 9:00 AM

Nike Dunk Low Ultraman


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Varsity Red/Silver/White


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The official release of the Nike Dunk Low Ultraman has been confirmed. The shoe comes with the article number FQ6965-600 and the colorway Varsity Red/Silver/White. The Dunk Low is priced at 129.00 euros. All further information, especially where you can buy the shoe, can be found in this article.

When will the Nike Dunk Low Ultraman drop?

The Nike Dunk Low Ultraman will drop on April 25 at 09:00. You'll have to be patient until then. If you don't want to miss the release, you can save it in our Dead Stock App with the flame. To use the reminder function, simply click on the bell in the app and we will send you a reminder directly to your cell phone in good time. In addition, you can also find all current sales, apparel news and all leaks in our magazine in the app.

Where can I buy Nike Dunk Low sneakers for retail? 

The Nike Dunk Low Ultraman is so far officially listed at Asphaltgold and Footdistrict and will most likely also be available at Nike. It is expected that the Nike Dunk Low will also be available in other stores. As soon as we know more, we will link you to the other stores in this post. You can also find more drops in the Upcoming Releases.

As always, you can get more information from the sneaker and fashion world via our other channels. Have fun wearing the Nike Dunk Low Ultraman!

  • Dunk Low Ultraman Paar
  • Dunk Low Ultraman Innenseite
  • Dunk Low Ultraman Außenseite
  • Dunk Low Ultraman von oben
  • Dunk Low Ultraman Paar von hinten
  • Dunk Low Ultraman Detail Laces
  • Dunk Low Ultraman Detail Ferse
  • Dunk Low Ultraman Sohle
  • Dunk Low Ultraman Laces in Rot und Grau

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