Nike Dunk Low Disrupt Black Gum

11/06/20 - 9:00 AM

Nike Dunk Low Disrupt Black Gum


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Black / Black -Fossil- Gum Med Brown


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Don't miss any Info of the Jordan 4 Vivid Sulfur

Don't miss any Info of the Jordan 4 Vivid Sulfur


Nike releases one facelift model of the Dunk after the other. With the Nike Dunk Low Disrupt Black Gum, we now get another colorway with classic details. You can get all the release details about this successful sequel in this article.

Lately, a lot has revolved around the Dunk, which has been released in many different versions. With this particular Disrupt Zum Dunk, we get a sneaker that is reminiscent of the designs from the 80s.

The larger outsole and larger inserts on the upper make the design lines of the shoe more striking. In addition, there are familiar details such as a low-cut, padded collar for good everyday wearability. This version presents a contrasting color palette with shades of Fossil, Black and Gum Med Brown on the outsole.

When can you get your hands on the Nike Dunk Low Disrupt Black Gum?

In fact, this Gum Dunk has popped up in some sneaker stores without warning. The exact release date is actually on Saturday, November 14, 2020 at 09:00, but we'll tell you where you can already buy the sneaker in the following paragraph. Get our free app for important info like this!

Where can you get the Nike Dunk Low Disrupt Black Gum?

If you really want the Disrupt Dunk in black with a brown rubber sole, then you should strike now! The sneaker is currently online at SNS ahead of the actual release. This means you can order it in advance. Check out the store overview. There you will also find the other stores where the Dunk will still be available.

The Dunk models are currently experiencing an absolute hype. Therefore, it will certainly not be easy with this colorway. The Disrupt is a new variant, but we still think it won't be easy.

So if you really want to buy the Disrupt Dunk, simply click through our release overview and choose the store of your choice on the release day. Of course, a few more stores will be added over the next few days where you can also buy the Nike Dunk.



The model is priced at around 110 euros. An absolutely fair deal that you really can't complain about. Good luck with the release!

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