Nike Air VaporMax Triple Black

06/29/17 - 9:00 AM

Nike Air VaporMax Triple Black

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The Nike Air VaporMax Triple Black, which in my opinion is the best colorway of the Nike Air VaporMax, is coming back at the end of the month and was released back in March as a NikeLab release. I still remember how the shoe was initially pretty much hated and only celebrated by relatively few people. On the day of release, the Nike Air VaporMax Triple Black sold out within a few seconds. It's actually a strange thing, because I've noticed this procedure with many less hyped releases. I'm now a big fan of the design of the silhouette and my only complaint is the comfort. I now own several colorways of the VaporMax and always put an additional insole in the shoe, just to get a little more out of it, but personally I will definitely try the Nike Air VaporMax Triple Black and I think I have a good chance. Why? You'll find out in the next section.


As of today, there are already four confirmed stores that will be offering the Nike Air VaporMax Triple Black. The BSTN store is among them, as are TGWO, Runners Point and Foot Locker. I could also imagine Zalando, but unfortunately I don't have any official confirmation yet.the official release of the Nike Air VaporMax Triple Black is on June 29 at 09:00, so as always. If you're interested in the model, just click through this overview in my calendar on the release day and choose the store of your choice. I would try Foot Locker or Runners Point, as I think they have the largest quantities, and I'll add more stores over the next few days. I'm pretty sure that a few more stores will be added for the Triple Black.

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