Nike Air Jordan 3 UNC

03/07/20 - 9:00 AM

Nike Air Jordan 3 UNC


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White/Valor Blue

This week, the Nike Air Jordan 3 Unite, one of the most popular colorways available from Jordan, will be released in local sneaker stores and international online stores.

The Air Jordan 3 is and remains a worldwide favourite silhouette that is absolutely timeless. The design has been available in a wide variety of materials and colors. Some of them are not so easy to find, for example most of the player exclusives (PE) that athletes received at some Nike-sponsored universities. This release is reminiscent of a special edition designed for athletes at Michael Jordan's alma mater. It comes in white with Valor Blue accents. A print reminiscent of elephant skin and an embroidered tag on the insole pay tribute to Michael Jordan.

With its debut in 1988, the original Air Jordan III changed the trajectory of Michael Jordan's legendary sneaker collection just in time for his breakthrough '88 season. Featuring exotic prints and the first visible Air element, Michael Jordan wore the AJ III for his first MVP and Defensive Player of the Year honors. The season had some challenges in store. His opponents demanded a lot from Michael Jordan, but he responded with all his strength.

When can I buy the Nike Air Jordan 3 UNC?

The official release date of the Nike Air Jordan 3 is this week, exactly on March 07, 2020. The release starts at 09:00 in the stores listed here.

Where can I buy the Nike Air Jordan 3 UNC?

If you're really planning to buy the Nike Air Jordan 3, I think you'll have to work hard. I'm sure that this release will be in high demand. At the same time, however, I'm also assuming slightly higher quantities for this release, which doesn't necessarily make things any easier.

Stores confirmed for this release so far include asphaltgold and the Nike Onlineshop, as well as several other stores that will all be selling the Nike Air Jordan online.

So if you really want to buy the Nike Air Jordan 3, just click through my release overview and pick the store of your choice on release day. Of course, a few more stores will be added over the next few days where you can also buy the Nike Air Jordan 3.

  • Nike Air Jordan 3 UNC
  • Nike Air Jordan 3 UNC
  • Nike Air Jordan 3 UNC
  • Nike Air Jordan 3 UNC
  • Nike Air Jordan 3 UNC

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