Jordan 1 Mid Familia

01/27/21 - 8:00 AM

Jordan 1 Mid Familia


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Yellow/ Pink/ Purple

This release is not just for the girls among us! The Jordan Mids are becoming more and more popular, which is why we are now presenting the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid Familia, which will be released this month. You can get all the release details and first pictures here.

On the Day of the Dead, the deceased are remembered. This unique AJ1 celebrates the holiday with its expressive color palette, special trim details and classic materials. The sufficiently ornate graphics on the tongue tag and the striking lettering on the toe box serve as a tribute to the deceased of many generations. The strikingly festive color palette of Cactus Flower and University Gold pays tribute to Mexican culture.

When can you buy the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid Familia?

The official release date of the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid is still this week, on Friday, October 30, 2020 to be precise. As always, the release will take place at 09:00! Of course, we'll also be releasing all the information via the app!

Where can you buy the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid Familia?

If you're really planning to buy this Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid, you'll have to really get your teeth into it. Generally speaking, the Mid models are very hard to come by, so keep at it! We are sure that this release will be in high demand. The sneaker is a tribute to Mexican culture and will therefore be in high demand.

Stores confirmed for this release so far include Nike Onlineshop, as soon as more stores appear that will sell the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid online, we will add to the overview.

So if you really want to buy the Nike Air Jordan 1, just click through my release overview. Unfortunately, we don't yet know whether a few more stores will be added over the next few days where you can still buy the model. Nevertheless, good luck with it!

The Jordan 1 Mid will be priced at 129.99 euros. We wish you every success with the release!

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  • Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid Familia
  • Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid Familia
  • Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid Familia
  • Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid Familia
  • Jordan 1 Mid Familia

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