New Balance Kawhi 2 Black

06/01/22 - 10:00 AM

New Balance Kawhi 2 Black



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White / Black


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With the New Balance Kawhi 2 Black, New Balance brings a new performance sneaker to our stores. You can get all the important release information about the new sneaker from us in this article.

New Balance, in the midst of revamping its basketball business, shifted power to their side with the signing of Kawhi Leonard. Kawhi then left the Jordan family with the San Antonio Spurs to forge a new association in the basketball shoe business, and as the foundational athlete for this new era for the brand, New Balance Hoops now boasts a young core of stars including Jamal Murray and the newly minted All Star Dejounte Murray. So far, Kawhi is the lone signature athlete on the list, and after a celebratory debut of its first model, the KAWHI 2 is ready to hit stores. The follow-up model ditches the braided patterns and instead introduces a carved midsole meant to represent the planets of the solar system. A similar skyline of mountain peaks appears on the midsole heel above New Balance branding, while Kawhi's namesake is proudly displayed on the tongue. The upper, composed of lightweight and breathable layers of mesh and nylon, utilizes a FIT WEAVE LITE, while the pad arrangement has been able to be wrapped around FUEL CELL technology.

When can I buy the New Balance Kawhi 2 Black ?

The official release date of the New Balance is June 1st, 2022. You can get the sneakers in the online shops listed here from midnight. Be sure to pay attention to our push notifications from the app so you don't miss the release date!

So be sure to get our free Dead Stock app on your smartphone and set the notifications. We'll let you know as soon as the queue for the JJJJound New Balance starts.

Where can I buy the New Balance Kawhi 2 Black?

If you want to buy the new New Balance in the black/white colourway, you should keep this overview open shortly before the release. We assume that this sneaker from New Balance will be very popular and will therefore be sold out in a few minutes.

The sneaker is currently listed in the BSTN store and on Kickz. But we are sure that the New Balance online shop will also be there. There will probably be a queue there from 10:00 a.m. where you can virtually queue to buy the sneaker in the shop. We do not assume that the shoe will be available from other shops.

As soon as we find other shops that will sell the Kawhi 2 with the item number BBKLSRH2, we will of course link them to you in the shop overview. So keep an eye on the page, we update it regularly.

So if you really want to buy the sneaker, just click through the release overview and choose the shop of your choice on the release day.

Feel free to check out our social media channels so you don't miss any information from the sneaker world. Also check out the free Dead Stock App just mentioned, where you can find more New Balance models:

  • New Balance Kawhi 2 Black
  • New Balance Kawhi 2 Black
  • New Balance Kawhi 2 Black
  • New Balance Kawhi 2 Black
  • New Balance Kawhi 2 Black
  • New Balance Kawhi 2 Black

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