New Balance 1906R Cordura Pocket Wheat

02/14/23 - 2:00 PM

New Balance 1906R Cordura Pocket Wheat



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intage Wheat / Vintage Wheat

It wasn't that long ago that the Protection Pack appeared on the 1906 Silhouette and yet New Balance is bringing a new colourway to the shoe with the New Balance 1906R Cordura Pocket Wheat. In this post you will find all the important information about the release in this post.

The question we've all been asking ourselves will the 1906 become New Balance's new hype model. That still can't be answered properly. In any case, the 1906 silhouette is on the right track and the newly released Codura Pocket 1906 models make that clear. In addition to the Wheat colorway, there will also be a black colorway, which you can find here by the way.

The design is kept very simple, but is still very convincing due to its colorways. The vintage wheat tone dresses the base layer and the overlays typical of 1906. This time the sneaker gets an additional pocket on the tongue, which is also removable. Yellow red laces have been added and harmonize perfectly with the wheat tone. The design is rounded off with a dark beige sole, which fits perfectly into the ensemble.

When can I buy the New Balance sneaker?

Unfortunately, a release date for the 1906 Codura Pocket Wheat is known, even though the shoe is already listed in the first online store. But as I said, it says Coming Soon there and will probably be released in the next few days. As soon as we have concrete information about the release of the New Balance 1906, we will update the post for you. In any case, our free Dead Stock mobile app can help you if you want to get the Cordura Pocket Wheat for retail.

The app has a built-in function that you can use to be notified before a sneaker drops. To do this, you click on the bell and can then select a time at which you would like to be reminded. When the time comes, our app will send you a push message to your cell phone and you won't miss the New Balance 1906R drop.

Where can I buy the New Balance 1906R Cordura Pocket Wheat?

This overview will also be of great help to you. All shops and stores will be linked here until the release of the NB 1906R. On the release day you open this overview and just choose one of the linked shops where you want to buy the sneaker for a retail price of around 180.00 euros. We wish you a lot of fun wearing it and good luck with the release!

The only shop that has confirmed the release of the Cordura Pocket Wheat is the New Balance online store. All other shops that will be added will then end up in our release overview. If you already want to buy the New Balance 1906R with the item number M1906ROB, you can already make a purchase from StockX and Co.

Of course, you can also get more information and news from the sneaker and fashion world and the latest New Balance releases via our social media channels. But the quickest way to find out is with our free Dead Stock App. Because with the push function you won't miss any more drops in the future:

  • New Balance 1906R Cordura Pocket Wheat
  • New Balance 1906R Cordura Pocket Wheat
  • New Balance 1906R Cordura Pocket Wheat
  • New Balance 1906R Cordura Pocket Wheat
  • New Balance 1906R Cordura Pocket Wheat
  • New Balance 1906R Cordura Pocket Wheat

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