Needles ASICS EX89 Black

10/07/23 - 12:00 AM

Needles ASICS EX89 Black



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Black / Black

An exciting collaboration awaits us with the Needles ASICS EX89 Black, which will be coming to our shops in just a few days. We have therefore put all the important information about the sneaker with the item number 1201A942-001 and the colorway Black and Black in this article. The retail price is 160.00 euros.

Some of you probably don't know much about the Japanese brand, but Needles was founded in 1997 by Keizo Shimizu. They were able to make a name for themselves through the designs of their tracksuits, which were very hyped, especially in 2021. Now the brand from Japan is trying to gain more and more of a foothold in the sneaker scene. For Needles, this is the second collaboration to be launched this year. At the beginning of the year they teamed up with Reebok, but this collaboration focused less on classic sneaker models. Together with ASICS , they are now releasing two EX89 models that impress with their calm design.

The EX89 Black, as the name suggests, has a black upper that is complemented by purple stitching. This purple can also be found in the inner lining. Smooth leather was used for the upper, which indicates a certain robustness of the sneaker. The sole unit predominantly uses gray and black and complements this with subtle purple accents.

When can you buy the ASICS sneaker?

The first shop has already dropped the Needles ASICS EX89 Black. All sizes are still available there and you should grab them as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until September 15, 2023, 00:00 a.m., because then Needle's ASICS EX89 will be launched a second time. So that you don't miss this second drop, use the very useful functions of our free Dead Stock app for your mobile phone.

In the app you have the possibility to activate a release reminder. Simply click on the bell and choose a time when you would like to be notified of the Needles ASICS EX89 Black drop. From now on, our app will send you a push message to your mobile phone, so you won't miss the drop. Of course, this applies to all releases that you can find in our app.

In which shops can you buy the Needles ASICS EX89 Black for retail?

This overview offers you another great help. Here you will find all the shops where you will drop the new ASICS EX89 Black. You can also see here when the shop released the sneaker, so you can better estimate which shop still has the most sizes available. That's why it's recommended to have the overview open at the time of release, then click on the shop of your choice and then buy the Needles ASICS EX89 there.

The Needles ASICS EX89 has already been released by the German retailer 43einhalb. So far only Solebox has confirmed the drop for September 15th. However, it may very well be that other shops will confirm the release of the Needles EX89 Black. If that happens, we will link them to you in our release overview.

Have fun with the Needles ASICS EX89 Black! If you haven't downloaded our free Dead Stock app for your cell phone yet, you should do so now as soon as possible. If you are looking for further information and news from the sneaker and fashion world and the latest ASICS releases, you can of course also get them via the following channels:

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