Grain adidas Campus 00s

10/27/23 - 12:00 AM

Grain adidas Campus 00s


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Black / White / Gum

In keeping with Halloween, adidas will be releasing the Korn adidas Campus 00s. For this reason, we have put together all the important release information for the sneaker with the item number IG0792 and the colorway black, white and gum in this article. The retail price for the latest Campus 00s will probably be 130.00 euros.

The design of adidas' latest collaboration is perfect for Halloween. The adidas Campus 00s has been given a ghostly coat of paint, but it has more to do with the collaboration partner. This is the nu-metal band Korn and is largely responsible for the ghostly look. Nevertheless, it's a good thing that the collaboration will launch around Halloween. But this collaboration fits like a glove anyway, Korn achieved great popularity through their song “ADIDAS” in the 90s and was also known for wearing Adidas clothes.

The adidas Campus presents a largely understated colorway with a dark rubber sole and the option of black, white or purple laces. Otherwise, the upper of the sneaker is made of black suede and features white logos and white three stripes. "Korn" branding is embossed on the heel, tongue, insoles and guitar pick-inspired hangtag, while "Campus" inscription in the same font is found on the exterior.

When can you buy the Korn adidas Campus 00s for retail?

There is no official release date for the Korn adidas Campus 00s yet. However, initial rumors from the internet say that the Korn Campus 00s drop will take place on October 27, 2023. As soon as we can confirm this, we will update this article and the adidas Campus 00s will end up in our Upcoming. You definitely don't want to miss out on this really strong Campus 00s and should therefore use the very useful tools from our free Dead Stock app for your smartphone.

For example, there is a function in the app that allows you to be notified before your favorite sneakers drop. Simply click on the bell symbol and you can then choose a time at which you would like to be reminded. Depending on the settings, the app sends you a push message to your smartphone and you definitely won't miss a release like the Korn adidas Campus 00s. Feel free to check out the current adidas releases now.

Where do you buy the adidas sneaker?

At this point we can only guess at which shops the Korn X adidas Campus 00s will be launched. What is certain is that you will need this overview to drop the shoe. This is where all the shops and stores that will drop the Korn Campus 00s can be found. So you just have to choose a shop on the day of release and then buy the sneaker there. If you can't wait any longer, you can get the adidas Campus 00s now at StockX and Co.

You should definitely be sure that you will get the Campus 00s from Korn in the adidas online store. It remains to be seen whether the collaboration between Korn and adidas will reach a retailer. Either way, we will link all of our shops to you in the release overview.

Have fun with the Korn adidas Campus 00s! So that you don't miss any of the latest sneaker news and trends, we provide you with updates and information around the clock via our other social media channels! Please leave us a follow:

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