Der KidSuper Puma Velophasis von außen auf weißem Hintergrund

04/13/24 - 12:00 AM

KidSuper Puma Velophasis



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Olive Green/Putty


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The KidSuper Puma Velophasis will drop in a few days. The sneaker with the item number 396778-01 and the colorway Olive Green/Putty costs 120.00 and drops on April 13, 2024. You can find out where you can buy the shoe here in the article.

KidSuper Studios, which was founded by Colm Dillane and has grown from a small basement operation to a leading company (and even entered into a collaboration with Louis Vuitton in 2023), continues its partnership with Puma and builds on the success of its 2021 collection.

The new collection includes reinterpretations of three different silhouettes: Velophasis, Palermo (in two versions) and Easy Rider (also in two versions). Each design breaks with traditional shapes and features innovative paneling and material updates. The Velophasis features perforated suede overlays in a tone-on-tone combination of green, cream and pink, sitting on a robust sole. All models in the collection feature co-branding details on the tongue and insole.

The Palermo is available in two different colorways: Chocolate and Cream. Both versions are characterized by a striking blue neoprene heel, which provides a striking contrast. The base is made of mesh and the classic suede overlays have been slightly reworked. Take a look at the pictures. And the Easy Rider also comes with a revision of the circular overlays in two different colorways: Brown/Purple and Pastel.

When will the KidSuper Puma Velophasis drop?

The KidSuper Puma Velophasis will drop on April 13, 2024 at 00:00.

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Where can I buy Puma sneakers?

The KidSuper Puma Velophasis is already listed on Footdistrict and listed as a Raffle at one store (you can only find this in the app). If we find any more stores, we will update the store overview immediately. Surely Puma will also list the shoe in the next few days. You can find more drops in the Upcoming Releases.

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