Dunk Low Hyper Royal

08/05/23 - 9:00 AM

Dunk Low Hyper Royal


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White / Hyper Royal

Another day, another Dunk Low colourway, because the Dunk Low Hyper Royal will be released soon. You will find all important information about the Dunk Low with the item number DV0831-104 and the Colorway White and Hyper Royal summarized in this article. As usual, the retail price is 119.99 euros.

New colourways of the Dunk Low are still coming online almost every day. Nike doesn't seem to get tired of releasing the silhouette of the last few years. It would probably help the silhouette a lot if fewer new colorways would appear and buying a Nike Dunk would become something special again. Don't get us wrong, the colorways Nike are releasing are really good, but the hype around the silhouette has gone down a bit and only new colorways can't just bring the hype back. Nonetheless, the upcoming version of the Dunk Low is a really, really good one and well worth buying.

Dressed in a Summit White and Hyper Royal color scheme. This offering of the Nike Dunk Low comes in a leather construction with a mesh tongue and lining. It features a white base with contrasting royal blue accents, branding and rubber outsole.

When can you buy the Nike sneaker?

In fact, the first shop released the Dunk Low on August 1st, 2023. It is advisable to check this out and see if your size is still there. Otherwise you have to be patient until August 5, 2023, because then all the other shops will follow suit and release the Dunk Low Hyper Royal. From 9:00 a.m. you can then buy the Hyper Royal. If you don't want to let this release slip through your fingers, then you should use the functions from our free Dead Stock mobile app.

There is a feature in our app that will help you never miss a drop in the future. You can use the bell to set a release reminder. Depending on the setting, the app will send you a push message to your cell phone and you won't miss the release of the Dunk Low Hyper Royal.

Where can you buy the Dunk Low Hyper Royal for retail?

Since there are already several shops that have confirmed the drop of the Hyper Royal, it makes the most sense to use this overview. Here you will find all the shops and stores that will sell the Dunk Low for retail. On the release day you go back into the post and click on the shop you want to hit. If it didn't work out on the release day, you can of course still use StockX and Co.

The Dunk Low is already online at the retailer Solebox. A few sizes were still available. On August 5th you will also be able to buy the sneaker in the Nike online store, at Kickz and at Afew. Certainly other shops will confirm the drop of the Dunk Low and then we will link them to our release overview.

Also check our social media channels for more information. Have fun with the Dunk Low Hyper Royal!

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  • Dunk Low Hyper Royal Innenseite
  • Dunk Low Hyper Royal Paar
  • Dunk Low Hyper Royal von Oben
  • Dunk Low Hyper Royal Sohle
  • Dunk Low Hyper Royal Ferse
  • Dunk Low Hyper Royal Detail Toebox
  • Dunk Low Hyper Royal Detail Ferse

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