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Dunk Low GS Brown Plaid


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Sail / Cacao Wow / Metallic Gold / Khaki

For Nike, winter season means plaid season and that's why the Dunk Low GS Brown Plaid will be released in a few weeks. Everything you need to know about the new Dunk Low with the item number FV3653-191 and the colorway Sail, Cacao Wow and Metallic Gold and Khaki can be found in this article. The retail price will probably only be around 100.00 euros because it is a GS model.

This Dunk Low presents an enchanting color combination of Sail, Cacao Wow, Metallic Gold and Khaki. The Nike Dunk is made from premium leather and features perforations in the toe area for better ventilation. The design is complemented by mesh tongues and rope laces. Standout elements of this shoe are the checkered Swooshes and heel tabs, which perfectly match the fall vibes. Metallic gold tongue and insole lettering add a sophisticated touch to the design, while the Sail midsole and brown rubber outsole provide a clean finish.

When can you buy the Dunk Low GS Brown Plaid?

Unfortunately, we still have to put you off at the moment, because there is no official release date for the Dunk Low GS Brown Plaid yet. However, we are still looking for concrete news and when we find out something, we will update the article for you. If that happens, then the Brown Plaid will also end up in Upcoming. Otherwise, you can also use the functions from our free Dead Stock app for your cell phone, as there are one or two helpful functions there.

You are probably familiar with the problem that you are interested in a sneaker, but the drop has not been confirmed and therefore the sneaker is usually the first to come back to you when it is sold out. That's why you can favorite sneakers like the Dunk Low GS Brown Plaid in our app using the flame emoji and see immediately if the release date changes. You can also be notified before the drop by clicking the bell.

Where can you buy the Dunk for retail?

There is currently no shop for the Dunk Low GS, because the release has not yet been officially confirmed. There are already official pictures, but a specific release date has not yet been announced. Nevertheless, you should keep this overview in the back of your mind. Sooner or later all the shops that sell the Brown Plaid for retail will be found here. On release day you save yourself having to look for the shops and can simply use this overview.

We think it is very likely that the new Dunk Low will definitely be launched in the Nike online store. Retailers will definitely also confirm the drop. If that is the case, we will link these shops to you in our release overview. You can take a closer look at all other current Nike Dunk models here.

Stay up to date in the future and follow us on our social media channels. Here we inform you around the clock about all trends and news. A corresponding list can be found below. We hope you have fun with the Dunk Low GS Brown Plaid!

  • Dunk Low GS Brown Plaid Paar
  • Dunk Low GS Brown Plaid Außenseite
  • Dunk Low GS Brown Plaid Innenseite
  • Dunk Low GS Brown Plaid von Hinten
  • Dunk Low GS Brown Plaid von Oben
  • Dunk Low GS Brown Plaid Sohle
  • Dunk Low GS Brown Plaid Detail Zunge
  • Dunk Low GS Brown Plaid Detail Ferse

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