Dunk Low Dia De Los Muertos

10/21/23 - 9:00 AM

Dunk Low Dia De Los Muertos


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Black / Khaki / Metallic Gold / Medium Ash / Sail / Clear Jade II

With the Dunk Low Dia De Los Muertos, the next exclusive sneaker for the Mexican holiday has been announced. You can already get all the important release information for the sneaker with the item number FQ8148-010 and the colorway Black, Khaki, Metallic Gold, Medium Ash, Sail and Clear Jade II. You have to pay around 140.00 euros for the Dunk Low.

Dia De Los Meurtos is one of the most important holidays in Mexican culture. On this day the deceased are to be remembered. The holiday itself doesn't take place until November 2nd, but preparations for this very important day start in mid-October. So it's no surprise that Nike has also joined in preparing for the holiday. Little by little, more and more sneakers are being released that are supposed to be released for Dia De Los Muertos. For example, we can now also talk about a Nike Dunk.

Crafted from textured leather and decorated with vibrant embroidery, this special edition of the Dunk Low embodies the essence of the hummingbird and marigold, both integral parts of the rich tapestry of Día De Muertos folklore. The combination of these ornate details results in a design that captures the spirit of this treasured tradition. To add a touch of flawless elegance, the shoe presents a clean white midsole that is cleverly contrasted against a sturdy rubber outsole. This harmonious fusion of elements creates a captivating visual narrative that captures the heart and soul of Día De Muertos.

When can you buy the Dunk Low Dia De Los Muertos?

At the moment, the Dunk Low Dia De Los Muertos is not yet listed in any shops. Nevertheless, everything indicates that the Nike Dunk will be launched on October 23, 2023. Dia De Los Muertos will be available for purchase from 9:00 a.m. If anything changes in this regard, we will update this post. Our free Dead Stock app for mobile and its very helpful tools will help you get the Dia De Los Muertos Dunk for retail.

In the app you have the possibility to activate a release reminder. All you have to do is click on the bell symbol and select a time when you would like to be reminded most. Our app will send you a push message to your cell phone shortly before the Dunk Low Dia De Los Muertos drops, so you're guaranteed not to miss the drop. In addition, you will also find all current sales, apparel innovations and all leaks in our magazine in the app.

Where can you buy the Nike sneaker?

The new Dunk Low has not yet been officially confirmed in any shop. This means that you cannot currently buy Dia De Los Muertos for retail anywhere. Nevertheless, it makes sense to remember this overview. All shops that sell the Dunk Dia De Los Muertos for retail will be linked here. So only open the post on the release day and then click on one of the linked shops.

At least it can be assumed that only Nike will probably sell the shoe via the SNKRS app. If we are wrong, we will list all retailers in the shop overview. We keep our eyes open. You can find the latest sneaker drops in our release calendar. If the purchase didn't work out on the day of the release, you can of course still fall back on StockX and Co.

Also check our social media channels for more information. We hope you have fun with the Dunk Low Dia De Los Muertos!

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