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Pink Foam / Pale Vanilla-Black-Lotus Pink

In line with the new film, the Dunk Low Barbie Movie will soon be available on virtual shelves. The sneaker with item number FN8927-621 is expected to cost 125.00 euros and is the perfect companion for all Barbie fans.

How could it be otherwise, of course the new Dunk is wrapped in pink. The base consists of a light pink suede that is decorated with stars on the midpanel. The smooth leather overlays are in an intense pink and stand out strongly from the rest of the sneaker. The interior and the outsole are also dipped in pink, with the sole impressing with glittering details. The laces and the midsole are beige and loosen up the extravagant look a bit. The lace jewellery, which is emblazoned on the tongue in XXL and draws attention to the rhinestone-studded N, is anything but reserved. A really exciting sneaker that was designed for thoroughbred fans.

When will the Nike sneaker be released?

Unfortunately, no official release date for the Dunk Low Barbie Movie has been announced yet. However, since the film started on July 21st, the sneaker will not be long in coming. We will keep you up to date and inform you as soon as we have news. In order not to miss any updates on the exciting colourway, you can use the flame to mark the dunk in our free Dead Stock App. This is how you highlight this drop and are always up to date. Of course, this also works with all other upcoming releases that interest you. You can take a closer look at many other Nike Dunk Low models here . You can get an overview of the large Nike Dunk range here.

Where can you buy the Dunk Low Barbie Movie for retail?

Unfortunately, we still owe you this answer. However, we assume that the sneaker will soon be available at Nike. As always, we collect all retailers in our shop overview for you. On the release date, you can get to the right page in the shop with just one click without losing valuable time.

You can also find all the latest news and trends from the sneaker and streetwear scene on our social media channels every day. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach us here at any time via the message function. We hope you enjoy the Dunk Low Barbie Movie!

  • Dunk Low Barbie Movie - mit Barbie
  • Dunk Low Barbie Movie - Paar
  • Dunk Low Barbie Movie - Außen
  • Dunk Low Barbie Movie - Innen
  • Dunk Low Barbie Movie - Lace Juwlery
  • Dunk Low Barbie Movie - Oben
  • Dunk Low Barbie Movie - Lace Juwlery Detail
  • Dunk Low Barbie Movie - Lace Jewlery Detail (2)
  • Dunk Low Barbie Movie - Ferse (Detail)
  • Dunk Low Barbie Movie - Ferse
  • Dunk Low Barbie Movie - Sohle
  • Dunk Low Barbie Movie - Karton

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