Dunk High Classics

05/22/23 - 9:00 AM

Dunk High Classics


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Smoke Grey / Black / Beach / Black


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With the Dunk High Classics, a sneaker appears that wants to celebrate the hip-hop genre. In this article we have given you all the important information about the sneaker with the item number DV7216-001, which comes in the colorways Black, Beach and Smoke Grey. Incidentally, the Dunk High will cost 129.99 euros.

As we all know, hip hop and sneakers go hand in hand. Many of you must have become sneakerheads through hip-hop. We know how closely the two areas are connected, at least since Kanye West worked with Nike and adidas and of course Travis Scott and Nike too. In 2023, the hip-hop genre will be 50 years old and Nike want to celebrate with us by releasing the Dunk High Classics.

After the Blazer Mid '77, the Air Force 1 High and the Air Force 1 Low were unveiled, there are now official pictures of the Dunk High. It features the same yellowed midsole, spray effect seen on the Swoosh and custom tongue label. The Dunk High features some edge with the tumbled leather on both the black overlay and grey underlay, while the gold mic hangs on the chain.

When can you buy the dunk?

Only a few hours ago, the Dunk High Classics was included in the upcoming of the first online store. This means that the sneaker will be released on May 22, 2023. It should be self-explanatory by now that the Nike Dunk High will start at 9am. If you want to buy that special dunk high then our free Dead Stock mobile app and its very helpful features will definitely be of great help to you.

A function that we have built into the app will help you not to miss the drop of the classic. You can activate a release reminder via the bell symbol. Just click the bell and choose a time you want the app to remind you. Depending on the setting, the app will send you a push message to your cell phone and you will certainly not miss the drop.

In which shops can I get the Dunk High Classics for retail?

It is very fortunate that you are already in this overview. Here you will find all the shops where you will get the Dunk High Classics for retail. It's best to be here at the time of release so that you only have to click on a shop and get the sneaker immediately.

Only the Snipes online shop has currently confirmed the release. However, it can be assumed that other retailers and shops will also sell the dunk high. If that's the case, we'll link the shops to you in the release overview.

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