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06/08/24 - 3:00 PM

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Alpine Snow / Mineral Grey

The new colorway of the Asphaltgold x Puma collaboration will be released in a few days. The Asphaltgold Puma Palermo Sedia with the item number 398772-01 and the colorway Alpine Snow / Mineral Grey costs 129.00 and will drop on June 8, 2024. You can find out where you can buy the shoe here in the article.

It's that time again, because now the second colorway of the Palermo sneaker is coming after a successful start. The collaboration is a homage to Italian culture. The first Palermo Scopa colorway was inspired by Italy's popular card game "Scopa". The current sneaker bears the name Sedia, which translates from Italian as chair. The name refers to a well-known Italian children's song and is also a tribute to the Italian mentality.

At first glance, the Palermo Sedia looks very subtle with its various shades of gray and beige. However, the attention to detail is also evident in this design. The iconic monobloc chair, which most people are certainly familiar with and which symbolizes social gatherings in large groups, can be found on both the insoles and the tongue of the sneaker. In addition, as an allusion to the children's song that served as a source of inspiration for the sneaker design, several hidden messages can be discovered on the Sedia that contain parts of the song lyrics.

When will the Asphaltgold Puma Palermo Sedia drop? The shoe will probably only drop exclusively at Asphaltgold, so it's not that easy to get and is sure to sell out quickly. To avoid missing out on such limited releases, check out our Dead Stock App. There we keep you informed around the clock with all drops, whether planned or unplanned. You can save and monitor releases and set a reminder, simply click on the bell in the app and we will send you a reminder directly to your cell phone in good time. You can also find all current sales, new apparel and all leaks in our magazine in the app.

Where is the new Puma collaboration dropping?

The Asphaltgold Puma Palermo Sedia is only listed at Asphaltgold. It will probably stay that way, at the moment we can't imagine that the shoe will also drop at Puma. You can find more drops in the Upcoming Releases.

Check out our social media channels to stay up to date and never miss any news from the sneaker and fashion world. Have fun wearing the Asphaltgold Puma Palermo Sedia!

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