Asphalt Gold ASICS EX89 Impromptu

08/26/23 - 12:00 AM

Asphalt Gold ASICS EX89 Impromptu



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Cream / Ginger Peach

Asphaltgold and ASICS have teamed up to launch a new sneaker, the Asphaltgold ASICS EX89 Impromptu. In this article we have summarized everything important about the sneaker with the article number and the colourway. The retail price for the EX89 Impromptu is 159.00 euros.

ASICS and the retailer Asphaltgold have teamed up again and will release a really strong sneaker. After publishing a Gel-DS trainer as the first work in 2018, the EX89 gets a makeover of its own. Asphaltgold brought drummer Silvan Strauss on board for the campaign. The eponymous motto Impromptu was chosen as a guideline for the sneaker, which is reflected in the choice of different materials and colors on the shoe.

The upper is a mix of suede, smooth leather and a fuzzy fabric, which is only found in the midfoot area. Otherwise, a beige-white tone was mainly used and supplemented with isolated gray elements. A pink dresses the ASICS logo and harmonises perfectly with the rest of the colors of the EX89.

When can you buy the ASICS sneaker?

The asphalt gold ASICS EX89 Impromptu will be released on August 12, 2023. The collaboration between ASICS and Asphaltgold will start at 00:00. Surely you know the problem that you are interested in a sneaker, but then forget when this sneaker will drop. Our free dead stock app for smartphones has a function that will prevent you from having this problem in the future.

In the app you have the possibility to activate a release reminder. Simply click the bell and select a time when you would like to be notified when the Asphaltgold ASICS EX89 Impromptu will drop. From now on, our app will send you a push message to your mobile phone, so you won't miss the drop. Of course, this applies to all releases that you can find in our app.

In which shops can you buy the Asphaltgold ASICS EX89 Impromptu for retail?

It's best to refer to this overview if you want to secure the ASICS EX89 Impromptu for retail. All shops will be stored here sooner or later. On the release day you only have to go back to the overview and then you can buy the ASICS EX89 in the shop of your choice in cooperation with Asphaltgold.

Currently you will only buy the Asphaltgold ASICS EX89 from Asphlaltgold in the online store and in the app. It tends to be rather unlikely that other retailers will sell the shoe because it is a collaboration with Asphaltgold. If we expect to find other shops again, you will find them in our release overview.

Have fun with the asphalt gold ASICS EX89 Impromptu! If you haven't downloaded our free Dead Stock app for your cell phone yet, you should do so now as soon as possible. If you are looking for further information and news from the sneaker and fashion world and the latest ASICS releases, you can of course also get them via the following channels:

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