adidas Yeezy Slides

04/16/20 - 8:00 AM

adidas Yeezy Slides


Product Code

FV8425 / FX0494 / FW6345


Earth Brown / Bone / Resin

The adidas Yeezy Slides are yet another new collaboration between the musician and adidas. Definitely a good alternative for the summer!

The success story continues. With the Slides, Kanye West brings some variety to the market. We're excited to see how the fit and the material are. For anyone who doesn't yet have Crocs or similar, the Yeezy Slides are definitely the right choice.

When can I buy the adidas Yeezy Slides?

The officially communicated release date of the Yeezy Slides is this week, on April 16, 2020. The release will start at 8 am! All further information will be communicated here as soon as possible.

Where can I buy the adidas Yeezy Slides?

If you want to buy the Slides, you'll definitely have to get your hands on them. The release will go through the roof, as you can tell from the generally positive feedback on the last 350 and the other Kanye West products. But this release is sure to leave some people empty-handed again.

The only stores confirmed for this release so far are the adidas Online Store. All others are likely to be raffles.

So if you really want to buy the Yeezy , simply click through my release overview and choose the store of your choice on the release day. Of course, a few more stores will be added over the next few days where you can also buy the sneaker.

What will the model cost?

The Yeezy Slides will be available at a retail price of just under 55.00 talers. I wish you all good luck with the release and, above all, quick hands! :)

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