adidas Yeezy Knit Runner Fade Onyx

08/10/23 - 12:00 PM

adidas Yeezy Knit Runner Fade Onyx


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Fade Onyx/Fade Onyx/Fade Onyx

Today, adidas announced more Yeezy releases, including the adidas Yeezy Knit Runner Fade Onyx. This means that the Knit Runner Silhouette is also part of the last restock, which consists of the remaining stock. In this article you will get all the important information about the Yeezy with the item number IE1663 and the colourway Fade Onyx/Fade Onyx/Fade Onyx. The price for the sneaker is around 200.00 euros

It has long been a fact that adidas and Kanye West will go their separate ways. The reason for this is, among other things, the anti-Semitic statements by Ye. adidas is now selling off all remaining stock and donating part of the proceeds to support the fight against discrimination, hate, racism and anti-Semitism. Among the leftovers are Yeezys that have never been released.

One of the new adidas Yeezy sneakers is the Knit Runner Fade Onyx, inspired by the Yeezy Foam Runner. In keeping with previous Yeezy Knit Runner designs, this iteration features an upper constructed from a one-piece knit. This feature provides a snug, glove-like fit that conforms to the wearer's foot inside, providing unparalleled comfort and support. This particular version boasts the eye-catching combination of anthracite and black, offering a dynamic yet sophisticated aesthetic. To further enhance the monochrome design, the collar area has an elegant black finish.

By the way, there is confusion about the colourway, because there is also the adidas Yeezy Knit Runner Stone Onyx, with the item number IG7831, which looks amazingly similar to the Fade Onyx. At first glance, you think it's the same shoe. That's not the case though, there's the Fade Onyx (IE1663) and the Stone Onyx (IG7831), which is more of a grey. At only the fade Onyx is shown so far.

When to buy the adidas Yeezy Knit Runner Fade Onyx for retail?

We can't be quite sure at the moment, because the Yeezy restock turns out to be a series of (announced) shock drops. Today, on August 8, adidas announced that on August 9 six more Yeezys are coming. But whether all models really come on the same day and how exactly is a mystery. To make sure you don't miss any brand new news, check out our Dead Stock App. If you have the app, we'll send you push notifications asap when we can confirm an adidas Yeezy restock.

Where can you buy the adidas Yeezy sneaker?

We can recommend our shop overview for the drop of the adidas Yeezy Knit Runner Fade Onyx. This is where you will find all the shops and stores where you can get sneakers for retail. We always update the overview as soon as we find a shop that sells the silhouette. Just be aware that you have to be quick - because the very latest adidas releases are in great demand. If it doesn't work out on the release day, you can of course also use StockX and Co.

We keep our fingers crossed for the release. As always, you can get more information from the world of sneakers and fashion via our other channels. Feel free to check out our app to be up to date.

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  • adidas Yeezy Knit Runner Fade Onyx linke Seite
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  • adidas Yeezy Knit Runner Fade Onyx von oben
  • adidas Yeezy Knit Runner Fade Onyx Sohle von unten

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