adidas State Series MA

09/07/23 - 10:00 AM

adidas State Series MA



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Half Blue / Corfus / Footwear White

With the adidas State Series MA, a new colorway in the series is in the starting blocks. The sneaker with the item number ID2109 costs 119.00 euros and is scheduled to be released on September 1, 2023. You can find all the most important information, as well as all the shops that offer the sneaker, in this article.

After the drop of the adidas State Series IL, a lobster-colored version is now planned. The adidas series fits perfectly into the currently popular retro models - such as the Gazelle and the Samba - and offers an alternative to the sneakers that are always sold out. The Massachusetts Colorway honors the Bay State and alludes to the well-known seafood industry. The upper is made of particularly high-quality suede and ensures that the shoe is extremely durable. The tongue also has the words BAY and is decorated with a lobster graphic. There is another hint under the insole that you can only discover when you take it out. There is a Massachusetts graphic hidden there to match the name. Feel free to make up your own mind and take a closer look at the attached pictures.

When can I buy the new adidas sneaker?

The adidas State Series MA has been announced for September 1st, 2023 and guarantees a great start to the new month. At exactly midnight you have the opportunity to save your size in your shopping cart. To make sure you don't miss the drop, you should set a reminder now in our free Dead Stock app. Simply activate the bell in the app and we will remind you in advance via a push notification. But our application can do a lot more, see for yourself and check out the practical functions.

Where can I buy the adidas State Series MA?

The Massachusetts colorway is already listed at some retailers. Get a quick and easy overall overview using our shop overview. We always keep these up to date so that on release day you can go to the online shop of your choice with just one click. If you are interested in other current adidas models, you can check them out here.

You should definitely check out our just mentioned free Dead Stock app for your smartphone if you want to get hold of one or the other limited sneaker for retail in the future. As always, you can find all the latest news and trends from the sneaker and fashion world on our channels. We hope you enjoy wearing the adidas State Series MA!

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