Der adidas Samba Cardboard von der Seite auf weißem Hintergrund

04/01/24 - 12:00 AM

adidas Samba Cardboard


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Cardboard / Chalk White / Brown Desert


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Don't miss any Info of the Jordan 4 Vivid Sulfur

Don't miss any Info of the Jordan 4 Vivid Sulfur


The adidas Samba Cardboard is launching a suprisedrop today. We have taken this as an opportunity to provide you with all the important release information about the sneaker with the item number IG1379 and the colorway Cardboard / Chalk White / Brown Desert here in this article. We have also collected all the stores that will be selling the sneaker for a retail price of approx. 120.00 euros.

When can you buy the adidas Samba Cardboard for retail?

Luckily, the adidas Samba Cardboard has already dropped on March 20, 2024. All sizes are currently still available and you should secure your size quickly. Are you already familiar with the very helpful tools from our free Dead Stock app for smartphones? One function that is very useful is our release reminder function. With this function, you can be informed before the drop of your favorite sneakers, such as the Samba Cardboard. All you have to do is click on the bell and then select a time when you would like to be notified. Depending on your settings, you will then receive a push notification on your cell phone to remind you of the release.

Where can you buy the adidas sneaker?

The adidas Samba Cardboard has only been dropped in the adidas online store and no other store has confirmed the drop yet. This could of course happen in the future and then we will link you to the corresponding stores here as well. If you're interested in more sneaker drops, check out our release overview. You can also check out our social media channels to make sure you don't miss any more information from the sneaker world and the latest adidas models. You should also check out our free Dead Stock app if you haven't considered it yet. Have fun with the Samba Cardboard!

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  • adidas Samba Cardboard Außenseiten
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  • adidas Samba Cardboard Detail Toebox

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