Adidas Microbounce T1 White

06/25/20 - 12:00 AM

Adidas Microbounce T1 White



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White / Stone

With the Adidas Microbounce T1 White, adidas is bringing the Microbouncer back to stores and international online stores.

New millennium, new possibilities. At the beginning of the 2000s, it was raining new, creative technologies at adidas. Where are we going with this? Microbounce. With this shoe, we're bringing back the innovative midsole system for the ultimate cushioned feel! It combines shiny patent leather with a mud guard that also draws attention to the sole.

When can I buy the Adidas Microbounce T1 White?

The official release date of the adidas Microbounce has not yet been set, but will be in the coming weeks. The release starts at 00:00 in the stores and online stores listed here.

Where can I buy the Adidas Microbounce T1 White ?

Would you like to buy the adidas Microbounce? I think you can relax. The colorway is strong, but the demand for the models has calmed down a bit.

You're crazy about the thing? Then simply click through our release overview and pick the store of your choice on the release day. One or two stores will be added to this list before the release.

The adidas Microbounce will be available at a retail price of around 170 euros.

  • Adidas Microbounce T1 White

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