adidas Madrid Brown

02/15/21 - 12:01 AM

adidas Madrid Brown



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Auburn / Mesa / Brown

With the adidas Madrid Brown, an absolute retro sneaker is coming back to the stores. Especially the older ones among us will still remember the City Series. As always, we have all the information here.

The adidas Madrid is a remake from adidas' City Series. It is one of a total of 24 models from the manufacturer from Herzogenaurach, each of which is intended to embody a different European metropolis. This trainer series was created in the late 70s, but is now an integral part of the brand's DNA.

From the high-quality brown leather used on the upper to the rubber outsole and the various gold details on the tongue, we think this sneaker lives up to its name and the city of Madrid.

When can I purchase the adidas Madrid Brown?

The official release date of the adidas Madrid is already this month. More specifically, it will be available from Monday February 15, 2021. The release starts at 12:01 am in the online shops listed here.

Where can I buy the adidas Madrid Brown?

If you want to buy the adidas Madrid in this colourway, it's best to stay awake until just after midnight. We believe that it will be quite possible to get hold of a sneaker. But you can assume that there will be one or the other collector who will also have this release on their screens.

We advise you to set this release as a favorite in our app and activate the bell so that I receive a notification in good time before the release. So you are guaranteed not to miss a release again.

The currently confirmed stores include the guys from the 43einhalb Store from Fulda. In addition, of course, adidas itself listed the sneaker. So if you're in the mood for this sneaker, then simply click through our release overview and choose the shop of your choice. One or the other store will be added to this list until the release.

The adidas Madrid with item number FX5629 costs around 110 euros. We find an absolutely fair deal!

We wish you a lot of fun with the sneaker and good luck with the release!

  • adidas Madrid Brown
  • adidas Madrid Brown

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