adidas Gazelle Pink Fusion

08/02/23 - 10:00 AM

adidas Gazelle Pink Fusion



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Pink Fusion/Cloud White/Gold Metallic


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Don't miss any Info of the Jordan 4 Vivid Sulfur

Don't miss any Info of the Jordan 4 Vivid Sulfur


The adidas Gazelle Pink Fusion will be released in a few days, with the item number IG5004 in the colourway Pink Fusion/Cloud White/Gold Metallic. The shoe costs 130.00 euros. All shops and further information about this release can be found here in the article.

Last year, the Gazelle once again attracted a lot of attention, especially with the Gucci adidas Gazelle Indoor. Gucci took a different model, namely the Gazelle Indoor from the early 80s. But the best-known and probably the most nostalgic version remains the adidas Gazelle 85. You can literally feel the memories of bygone times with it. Back then, athletes, dancers and rappers alike celebrated the adidas Gazelle and thus contributed to the ongoing success story.

This version celebrates the 1985 Gazelle with the signature T-shaped toe and soft suede. The upper is pink and the three stripes are white. Very classic. The adidas Gazelle makes every outfit an absolute eye-catcher. Incidentally, the Gazelle 85 comes in a special box that is reminiscent of the original packaging from 1985.

When can you buy the adidas Gazelle Pink Fusion?

The adidas Gazelle Pink Fusion arrives on August 2nd at 10:00 a.m. In order not to forget the drop until then, check out our free Dead Stock App. There you can save the shoe with the flame, then it will end up in your personal overview and you will see immediately when other shops list the shoe. You can also use the bell to set a release reminder, then you will receive a push notification when the drop is due. In the app you will also find the latest sneaker news and leaks and sales. So download the app, it makes life easier when hunting for the latest sneakers.

Where can you buy adidas sneakers?

Of course, the adidas Gazelle Pink Fusion appears directly at adidas. It is not yet known whether other shops will list the sneaker. However, we update our shop overview every day and immediately link you to all shops where you can buy the Gazelle 85. Check out our upcoming releases for more drops. Have fun wearing the adidas Gazelle 85!

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