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Colorway Sandy
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eBay SB Dunk Low Sandy

The rumors have been around for a long time. We wrote a post about the eBay Nike SB Dunk a while ago. But now it's official and the release of the eBay SB Dunk Low Sandy is imminent. All information about the shoe and the release can be found here in the article.

A remastered eBay SB Dunk, also known as the Sandy Dunk, returns in honor of Sandy Bodecker, the godfather of the Nike SB. For those who don't know what the name means, here's another little history lesson. Who is Sandy Bodecker!? Sandy is the Nike OG. He was at Nike from 1979-2008 and has worked at probably every division. But his greatest legacy is clear: Nike Skateboarding. He is responsible for the existence of Nike SB. Nike describes himself as the dude who achieved the impossible with two middle fingers raised. Unfortunately he passed away in 2018. Shortly before his death he founded the Bodecker Foundation. With workshops and scholarship programs, the Foundation helps creative young people to realize their artistic and professional dreams.

There was already an eBay SB Dunk back in 2003, exactly three pairs. One was auctioned for charity on eBay for €26,000, the second was given to Sandy Bodecker and the third was cut into four pieces to keep fakes off the market. The new design is based on the sliced dunk.

When can you buy the Nike sneaker?

The release date for the eBay SB Dunk Low Sandy is December 17th at 9am, at least at Nike. You can bid on the shoe on eBay from December 7th. There 10 exclusive couples will be put online. If you really want the shoe, then check out our free Dead Stock app for your mobile phone and favorite the release. Then you won't miss anything anymore. Just turn on notifications for the app. You will then receive a push notification from us on Friday as soon as the release is due. Of course, this applies to all sneakers that interest you and that you favor.

Where can I buy the SB Dunk eBay?

You can only buy the eBay SB Dunk Low Sandy from Nike or eBay for . The eBay SB Dunk Low Sandy, item number FD8777-100, costs 119.99 euros. eBay is auctioning off limited edition boxes with the eBay SB Dunk. From December 7th you can bid for exactly 7 days in the large and exclusive auction on eBay. The release at Nike runs via SNKRS. For everyone who happens to be 9. and December 10th in Portland, Oregon: eBay opens “Skate ‘Em Out” skate shop. There you can buy the eBay SB Dunk Low Sandy at the retail price of 2003 (!). But: Only buyers who leave the store skating in the new SB Dunks will receive the prize. Funny action. Since most of you are more likely to follow the release on your cell phone, you should download our free Dead Stock app.

So that you can save on resell prices, you should favorite the shoe in our free Dead Stock App. Then you won't miss when we update new shops.

Because once we have created a release, we continuously update other shops for the release. A little reminder: if we find raffles, you can only see them in the app. So it's worth downloading the app. As always, we wish you the best of luck with the eBay SB Dunk Low Sandy release!

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eBay SB Dunk Low Sandy
eBay SB Dunk Low Sandy
eBay SB Dunk Low Sandy
eBay SB Dunk Low Sandy
eBay SB Dunk Low Sandy
eBay SB Dunk Low Sandy
eBay SB Dunk Low Sandy
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