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Bodega x New Balance 9060

New Balance and Bodega have worked together on several occasions. The release of the Bodega x New Balance 9060 is now pending. All information about the shoe and the release can be found here in the article.

New Balance and Bodega have been working together for a long time. Bodega was founded in 2006. Since then, the shop has been a haven for a secretive group of artists who develop and implement creative projects at the intersection of fashion, counterculture, community and art. This is how Bodega describes itself. Very mysterious. There is a shop in Boston and one in LA.

The design of the 9060 is inspired by the aesthetics and spirit of the Renaissance. The shoe comes with a heavy material and color mix. The classic mesh upper is partly replaced with chunky mesh, suede, smooth leather and perforated smooth leather. The influence of the Renaissance is underlined with a color scheme of shades of blue. Accents are set with white, gray and brown tones. The design is reminiscent of classic art and architecture.

When can you buy the New Balance sneaker?

The release date for the Bodega x New Balance 9060 is December 15 at 10:00 am, at New Balance. If you really want the shoe, then check out our free Dead Stock app for your mobile phone and favorite the release. Then you won't miss anything anymore. Just turn on notifications for the app. On Thursday you will then receive a push notification from us as soon as the release is due. Of course, this applies to all sneakers that interest you and that you favor.

Where can I buy the Bodega x New Balance 9060?

Above you will find all shops and the release is linked. So far we only have New Balance at the start! The Bodega x New Balance 9060, with the item number U9060BD1, costs 160 euros. So that you can save on resell prices, you should favorite the shoe in our free Dead Stock App. Then you won't miss when we update new shops. We think the Bodega x New Balance 9060 will sell out right away. That's why it's worth watching the app and clicking on the link as soon as possible when the shoe is online.

A little reminder: You can only see raffles in the app. So it's worth downloading the app. As always, we wish you the best of luck with the Bodega x New Balance release!

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Bodega x New Balance 9060
Bodega x New Balance 9060
Bodega x New Balance 9060
Bodega x New Balance 9060
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