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All Gone Book 2022

Also this year we can look forward to an All Gone Book. You're spoiled for choice as author Michael Dupouy (@ michael_lamjc ) brings us two iterations of the collection of all the sneaker and pop culture highlights of the past year. The cover is by @VERDY , with whom the author previously collaborated in Tokyo in 2019. The Japanese designer is the founder of the Girls Don't Cry label, which recently shined through a collab with Human Made. In addition to the colorful Visty cover, the Vick cover for the All Gone Book 2022 is also available. Feel free to check out our attached pictures and choose your personal favourite.

For 17 years, the Parisian has been curating the best that culture has to offer and summarizing it in a book. Recently, however, he describes this task as quite tedious, since the pace in society is constantly increasing and the fast pace of life considerably limits appreciation. He himself has set himself the goal of slowing down and living according to the credo of quality over quantity again. In the All Gone Book 2022, Dupouy takes up the year marked by crises, war, recession and inflation and once again emphasizes the resilience of the industry. This makes the street culture – which has always been characterized by the breaking of boundaries and has swum against the tide most of the time – just to a large extent.

When will the All Gone Book 2022 be available?

The new All Gone Book 2021 is now available. Better not lose valuable time, because the book is limited. Simply use the links provided in our overview to land directly on the right page. In order not to miss any further updates to the article, it is worth using the flame in our free Dead Stock app to favorite the book and continue to keep an eye on our release calendar.

Where can I buy the new edition?

You can purchase the All Gone Book 2022 at Solebox in the online shop. This offers you the two covers to choose from. If you didn't get anything, you can try your luck in the usual Second Chance Shops – we've also listed these for you. The book with item number 4033160 or 4033159 has 192 pages and is equipped with a hardcover. The edition, limited to 2,000 copies, was produced by La MJC and printed in France.

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All Gone Book 2022
All Gone Book 2022
All Gone Book 2022
All Gone Book 2022
All Gone Book 2022
All Gone Book 2022

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