Preis 220,00 EUR
Colorway Core Black / Cloud White / Carbon
Product-Code G58158

adidas Ultra4D 5.0 Oreo

With the adidas Ultra4D Oreo, another sneaker with futuristic technology will reach us in a few days. After introducing you to the Core Black, a very popular colourway for adidas fans now follows. As always, we have all the information here.

The adidas Ultraboost made its debut in 2015 and has become a real must-have outside of the running community. This version combines the silhouette with a 3D printed midsole. Depending on the area, the lattice structure is finer or coarser and thus offers the perfect combination of support and optimal cushioning for your foot. This shoe not only looks futuristic. He feels like it too.

When can I purchase the adidas Ultra4D 5.0 Oreo?

The official release date of the adidas Ultra4D is already in a few days. More specifically, it will be available from Saturday January 30th, 2021. The release starts at 12:01 am in the online shops listed here.

Where can I purchase the adidas Ultra4D 5.0 Oreo?

If you want to buy the Ultra4D in the Oreo Colorway, it's best to stay awake until just after midnight. We believe that although the hype surrounding the 4D models is no longer too high, the Oreo will be very popular and will therefore be sold out quickly. The technology of the printed 4D material is also very innovative and comfortable on the foot.

We advise you to set this release as a favorite in our app and activate the bell so that I receive a notification in good time before the release. So you are guaranteed not to miss a release again.

The currently confirmed stores include the guys from the 43einhalb Store from Fulda. In addition, of course, adidas itself listed the sneaker. If you're a fan of the 4D material like us and really want one, just click through our release overview and choose the shop of your choice. One or the other store will be added to this list until the release.

The adidas Ultra4D with item number G58158 costs around 220 euros. Expensive fun, of course, but also innovative technology!

We wish you a lot of fun with the 4D and good luck with the release!

adidas Ultra4D 5.0 Oreo G58158_
adidas Ultra4D 5.0 Oreo G58158_
adidas Ultra4D 5.0 Oreo G58158_
adidas Ultra4D 5.0 Oreo G58158_
adidas Ultra4D 5.0 Oreo G58158_

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