31 Asics Gel Lyte Releases

31 Asics Gel Lyte Sneakers already released

Since when has the Asics Gel Lyte cushioning been available?

During the 80s, the brands fought for the position of the best running shoe manufacturer. There was a small battle between Asics and Nike. After the Swoosh launched the Air Bubble, Asics responded with Gel in 1987. Here, a special silicone provides comfort and responsiveness. The first sneaker of this kind that runners could buy was called the Asics Gel Lyte and was impressive not only for its sole cushioning, but also for its low weight. The Asics Gel Lyte weighed only about 280 grams, super light and super fast since the 80s.

In the meantime, the Gel Lyte has been around for more than 30 years and has already received several updates. The most popular is still the Gel Lyte 3, which has become a classic in the lifestyle segment.

Are there collabos on the Asics Gel Lyte in the meantime?

In fact, there are styles from the Gel Lyte line that have become the favorite sneakers of many. The sneaker with the split tongue had a lot of hype in the past and dominated the Pinroll era in the German sneaker scene. There have also been many collabos on the sneaker. Particularly well known are the collaborations with Ronnie Fieg. The designer, owner and founder of brand and store Kith, worked closely with Asics at the beginning of his career and designed many sneakers. Among the more famous are the Salmon Toe, the Miami Beach or the Flamingo.

Furthermore, you can also buy collabos with other stores like Solebox, Afew or celebrity collectors like Sean Wotherspoon, on the Gel Lyte 3.

Where can you buy the Asics Gel Lyte models?

Depending on what you’re actually looking for, you’ll either have to go to the sports store or the sneaker store you trust. For example, if you want to buy a pair of Gel Lyte 3, you can find them at size? or asphaltgold or 43einhalb. However, if you want to buy a fresh pair of sneakers for running, you should visit a sports store.

Asics’ initial plan to make the best running shoe has turned into something even bigger. Working to evolve the Gel Lyte line, Asics has tapped into a new market in the long run, bringing various classics like the Gel Lyte 3 and Gel Lyte 5.

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