The ZX Flux XENO gets colorful - new colorways

  • The ZX Flux XENO gets colorful - new colorways

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What do my tired eyes see on Tuesday morning? New colorways of the ZX Flux XENO? It looks like adidas Originals is launching a new ZX Flux pack for December featuring XENO technology. In contrast to the previous versions of the ZX Flux, the "Negative Pack" will feature an inverted upper with a snakeskin look. Personally, I really like the blue-red color gradient of the first model, but I could also make friends with the other colorways in the pack, but I can't say at the moment whether I'll actually buy them on 11 December. I own the gray ZX Flux from the first drop, which I haven't worn once yet. Even though I "absolutely" had to have the sneaker back then. That's just how it goes sometimes, I'm sure you know that. That's why I'll think twice about buying the new ZX Flux Negative Pack again, and you'll find all the other release information in my release calendar over the next few days. Photos via

  • adidas-zx-flux-xeno-negative-pack-10
  • adidas-zx-flux-xeno-negative-pack-9
  • adidas-zx-flux-xeno-negative-pack-8
  • adidas-zx-flux-xeno-negative-pack-7
  • adidas-zx-flux-xeno-negative-pack-6
  • adidas-zx-flux-xeno-negative-pack-5
  • adidas-zx-flux-xeno-negative-pack-4
  • adidas-zx-flux-xeno-negative-pack-3
  • adidas-zx-flux-xeno-negative-pack-2
  • adidas-zx-flux-xeno-negative-pack-11
  • adidas-zx-flux-xeno-negative-pack-1

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