adidas flagship store opening in Berlin

  • adidas flagship store opening in Berlin

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On Thursday, there was once again a good reason to pay a visit to our beautiful capital: the occasion was none other than the adidas flagship store re-opening on Münzstraße in Berlin-Mitte.I was lucky enough to be able to get there at relatively short notice and, as a lover and fan of the brand with the ///, I couldn't miss out on the event. the day actually started perfectly, the weather was great - just like my mood. The adidas events are always something special for me, which is why I can't help but get up with a big grin on these days, even the Wendler (yes, exactly, THE Wendler) who happened to be sitting next to me on the plane couldn't dampen my good mood. I also thought it was totally unfair of Air Berlin that the man was NOT offered champagne on the flight - shame on you! Haha! ;-)Of course there was a lot to see in the flagship store itself. In addition to an army of various Flux models, the ZX Flux Berlin and others, there was also the new ZX Anniversary Pack to marvel at. Of course, there were also lots of colorful birds - hipsters, typical Berliners, sneakerheads and some celebrities such as Afrob. All of the invited guests were in a very good mood, which was not only due to the alcoholic drinks that were served there.The store is almost 300 square meters in size and houses the best adidas Originals products as well as limited edition highlights such as the aforementioned ZX Flux Berlin. More exclusive stuff is set to be released over the course of the year, and what I personally noticed is that adidas is placing a lot of emphasis on bright colors and designs in the textile sector this year. For me personally, some of the items are a bit too bright, but I tend to be a bit more conservative when it comes to clothes, with the exception of my shoes of course ;-) Unfortunately, I can't give you a comparison with the old store at this point, as I've simply never been in there before. However, I personally really liked the store (as it was on Thursday) in terms of the design and fittings. I like stores where there's a lot to see and marvel at, and that was definitely the case here. My personal highlight of the day was the brief conversation with the head of marketing "global", but I'll write a separate report on that. The beer was actually empty at exactly the wrong time, I could have packed one or two more "bottles" ;-)Anyway, I think I can tell you a lot more here, but the best thing to do is just take a look at the pictures below this post. That way you can get your own impression and decide whether you want to pop into the flagship store on your next trip to Berlin. I definitely will!

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