Will there be a Travis Scott signature sneaker soon? First pictures from Cannes surfaced

  • Will there be a Travis Scott signature sneaker soon? First pictures from Cannes surfaced

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According to some reports, Travis Scott is currently busy finishing his fourth album "Utopia". In keeping with the upcoming release of the new record, there was also one or a Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low Olive Friends 'n Family pair with the inscription "UTOPIA". The first pictures of the Nike Mac Attack OG followed shortly afterwards and now Travis shows up at the 76th Cannes Film Festival with a previously unknown Nike sneaker. This of course leads to heated discussions about whether there will be a Travis Scott signature sneaker soon. We took a closer look at the shoe.

As of late September, it was rumored that Travis Scott and the Air Jordan Brand intended to phase out the Jordan 1 collaboration by the end of 2023. Of course, there are also rumors that there will soon be a new silhouette with a Travis Scott makeover. The Jordan 7 was probably very popular. Now, however, some are assuming that La Flame will go more in the Nike SB direction. However, there is still no official confirmation from either party. But the first look at the shoe also makes us think of Nike SB.


Travis Scott's wide trousers only allow a partial view of the sneaker. But what is visible is that it is a new silhouette. It's a bit reminiscent of the Nike SB Ishod, which also comes with an inverted Swoosh. The OG colourway from the Ishod Wair sneaker at Nike also came in a predominantly brown colourway. Some speculators simply dismissed the pair as Ishod Wair's second Nike SB model. But the other camp is sure: It's a Travis Scott signature sneaker. The shoe is also reminiscent of the Nike Mac Attack OG that Travis wears frequently. The midsole could be inspired by Nike SB, but is also reminiscent of a Jordan 4 . What is definitely certain is that the sneaker features the signature Cactus Jack Swoosh.


We have zero information if a Travis Scott signature sneaker will come together with Nike , nor when it might come. But we have our eyes and ears everywhere and will inform you as soon as we find updates. For a better overview, download our free app . It's pretty easy and you'll always have all the information with just two clicks. And of course you will also find all upcoming releases in the app. Are you in the mood for a Travis Scott signature sneaker? Please let us know what you think on our social media channels:

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