The Air Jordan 4 Olive Canvas now comes in Black Canvas

  • The Air Jordan 4 Olive Canvas now comes in Black Canvas

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*EDIT: April 22, 2022.*: Some time ago we told you about the Air Jordan 4 Olive Canvas with great anticipation. But now it has become known that the Olive Canvas will appear as the Nike Air Jordan 4 Black Canvas . Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the rumor mill in the sneaker world is not right after all. Unfortunately, we don't know why the color scheme was so wrong. Check out the Black Canvas images below! Released on August 27th. Check out the new post from the Black Canvas here .


Next year will be all about the Jordan 4 . We have already introduced you to some of the hits for next year, some of you will surely remember the Sail Canvas or the Infrared . Now we have the first pictures of the Air Jordan 4 Olive Canvas. All information about the shoe is - as always - here in the article.

We are definitely looking forward to next year. Air Jordan is currently trying its best to tease out some highlights for next year. We hope that the delivery difficulties won't spoil our wish list. This is quite a long time, especially for the new Jordan 4 releases.


The Olive Canvas is a special colourway. It sure is a little inspired by the Jordan 4 Undefeated . Mainly because it comes in a completely olive green upper. However, we can say here from our point of view that while it is also olive like its supposed predecessor, the rest is quite different. The olive canvas comes - as the name suggests - from canvas. The details are also not orange, but red. At least that's what the mock-ups suggest. To be honest, it doesn't really matter to us who the new Jordan 4 is inspired by, because: we think it's good either way and would definitely want to rock it.

The Air Jordan 4 Olive Canvas is apparently part of Jordan's fall collection, so we'll have to be patient for quite a while. As soon as we know more, you will of course get all the information here in the blog and finally in the release calendar and in the app . If you have a craving in the meantime, you can also look here for 4er Jordans . If you have any questions for us, you can easily reach us via the message function of all social media channels.

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  • Air Jordan 4 Olive Canvas
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