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People who have been following me on Instagram or our other channels for a long time have certainly noticed that I moved from Krefeld to the beautiful cathedral city of Cologne at the beginning of February.

In the course of my move, I naturally also thought about my shoe collection, which I had spread chaotically all over the place in my old apartment. So you can imagine that I wanted to prevent just such a mess in my new apartment.

So of course I thought about it in advance: Do you want Plexiglas shoe boxes? Or do you prefer a real system? Should the shoes be stored open or in the original boxes? How do you deal with the problem with the "special boxes" that somehow never fit on the shelves. Questions over questions that I personally had to sort out first.

In the end I decided to leave the shoes in their original box. On the one hand, storage is much easier because the boxes can be stacked on top of each other. Besides, we all know that a collector's item - and that includes our shoes in part - also includes the original box, which I would have had to store in the basement. I didn't want to, I found it kind of stupid.

For me, storing the shoes in the original box also meant that I had to take care of a system that 1. looks good and 2. offers enough storage space for a large part of my collection. So my choice fell on the colleagues from KWERQUS , whose rule systems I accidentally found on Instagram.


After extensive contact and a lively exchange about various options for sneaker storage, I then decided on a custom-made shoe rack in my living room, which I designed together with KWERQUS . The shoe rack is approx. 2.30 x 2.30 cm and offers enough space for up to 150 boxes. So slightly more than the number I currently store in my apartment.

Anyone who knows me and my daily routine also knows that I change my sneakers several times a day. And before I put 3-4 pairs in the hallway, where they might even be sold, I had to come up with the right shoe rack for my "Daily Beater". I used the "Victor" model from the normal KWERQUS range, which harmonises perfectly with my own custom-made product.


After initial back and forth, I honestly have to admit that I wasn't quite sure whether the shelf would work out the way I had imagined. Ultimately, I have to admit that my expectations were really exceeded.

The shelf fits perfectly into my old building. And when I write perfectly, I really mean it. The wood harmonizes perfectly with my herringbone parquet and the construction was much less problematic than I had imagined. I'm always a bit worried about my two left hands with something like that, but here there was really "nothing I couldn't understand". All in all, a well-rounded thing that I will certainly have fun with for a long time.

If you are interested in the systems from KWERQUS , simply click on the buttons integrated here and land directly in the KWERQUS online shop . Currently there is even a 15% discount on the entire range with the code DEADSTOCK15. If you are also interested in a custom-made product, just write the people a message. I am sure that you will be helped quickly.

PS: I will present the KWERQUS system for my bedroom to you separately. So there's more to come! :) #prepared


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