My shoes for wet days - Converse Chucks All Star Rubber

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The weather has deteriorated significantly over the last few days. Apart from the disgusting continuous rain, from which one or two sneakers from my collection have already suffered, low temperatures and a nasty wind have now been added to the mix. Autumn is showing its best side, and I strongly assume that winter won't be long in coming either, so I need new shoes for this time of year. Shoes that meet certain requirements. They should be warm and dry. Above all, dry would be very important to me, because there is nothing more unpleasant in these temperatures than wet feet. I'm also deliberately referring to "shoes" and not "sneakers", as I can't really identify with the whole hybrid sneaker boot theme that has emerged in recent years. With my shoe size, the models are just too bulky. I'd like something a little slimmer, so my choice fell on the Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber from Converse. Converse is a brand that many of us have certainly come into contact with in the past. Me in particular, as I nurtured a certain passion for collecting this model around 10-12 years ago. Somewhere in my home, I suspect in the attic, there must still be a box - full to the brim with old Chucks models in all kinds of colors and shapes. The upper of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber is made of canvas-reinforced rubber. Compared to the "normal" Chucks models, the tongue is slightly larger and sewn into the side walls of the shoe. Water, moisture or wet feet are therefore no longer a problem with the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber. The lining is made of fleece and kept my feet nice and warm and dry during the practical test in the local city forest. Of course, the famous rubber cap on the toe of the model should not be missing, but this is standard on the Chuck Taylor All Star anyway and not really worth mentioning. Whether the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber is also snow and winter-proof will be revealed in the coming weeks. At the moment, I'm just going to assume so, because during my short walk I actually took every puddle with me and had no problems. So why should it be any different in a wild snowstorm? In addition to the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber, there are plenty of other models from the Chuck All Star Sneakerboot collection: the Converse Chuck Taylor Woolrich comes with a wool pattern in seasonal trend colors. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi-Rise Boot with a suede upper and a cozy lining.All models can be purchased directly on the Homepage of Converse or SIDESTEP.Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

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